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    Philadelphia Hospital took a year to realize computer was unplugged
    Posted by l33tdawg on Friday, May 07, 2010 - 02:21 AM (Reads: 1196)

    An IT crowd contractor unplugged a crucial diagnostic computer from a hospital network so he could use the plug for something else, according to an inspector general report.

    Apparently it took the Veterans Affairs Department hospital in Philadelphia more than a year to work out that the computer was not connected. The computer ran an application called the VariSeed treatment planning system, which oncologists use to focus radiation treatment on cancer hotspots.

    VA clinicians performed 17 procedures to insert radioactive seeds that treat prostate cancer. Without the network connection, X-rays showing the location of radioactive seeds could not be transferred to the VariSeed computer, making it difficult for doctors to determine the patients' response to treatment.

    Link to this story!

    Anyone know what an IT crowd contractor is? Is this someone they got from the football stadium? Sure sounds like it; probably a converted security guard from the eagles office.

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