Open letter to A. Morris

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lutonio, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. tyke1doe

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    I never understood why many were down on him. He never got a chance to showcase his talent because he was pulled before he got into the groove of the game, and he's been the model team player.
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  2. TheCoolFan

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    Yeah...tell me why we have a 30 year old McFadden ahead of Morris on the depth chart? He showed something 2 years ago but it's not like he did much to impress in 2016 either. McFadden is older and has had a career of injuries, not sold on him. If we're gonna let one of them be the workhorse for these 6 games, gimme Morris
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  3. rat2k8

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    reply from Morris

    "I am going to $%^#$&#$^& Goodell and Mara. Ready to rumble.
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  4. casmith07

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    McFadden ran for 1000 yards in 10 starts with the almighty and elite Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel playing QB.

    We'll be fine lol.
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  5. Supercowboy1986

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    Will Morris's golf club swing celebration be forbidden? A golf club can be used as a weapon.
  6. Silver Surfer

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    I hope the offensive line takes this challenge, gets pissed and the Cowboys run all over the Giants.
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  7. Cmac

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    Alfred Morris is a good running back and has been a model teammate. We saw what he did for the 'Skins. No sense on hatin' him like the 'Skins did. I hope to see the baseball swing TD celebration throughout this Goddell Judge/Jury/Executioner ordeal. Run Alfred run.

    As for his tenure with the team....."If Kellen Moore is claimed secure, why ain't Alfred?"
  8. Cmac

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    It's the homerun swing....but now we talking baseball bat.
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  9. Bullet22

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    Plus no Bryant..
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  10. JohnsKey19

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    As a lead RB getting 18+ carries/game, I disagree. But the team appears to side with your opinion.
  11. Risen Star

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    Carson, Cathy and Doug.

    And you had edit time and still felt good about it.
  12. Alohawg1

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    I saw a different Darren yesterday, besides having more than just two touches. The bottom line however is that both of these veteren backs are needed and both must perform well if the Cowboys are to make 2017 a success.
    I suspect Morris may get the start next preseason game, reverse roles and shake the rust off so that by week 1 both are well oiled. The running game really is not a concern right now. It's the defense, more specifically the new secondary I'm anxious to see.
  13. CalPolyTechnique

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    Well played.
  14. Redball Express

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    My big question is how is this going to change playcalling.?

    Are we going to pass to setup the run?

    Or get ultra conservative trying to cutdown on mistakes ?

    Meaning force the run more.

    I see the opportunity for lots of 2 TEs with Rico and Witten..

    and double slot formations with Beasley and Switzer.and. bubble screens.

    We will have to change things up to be successful.

    Here's hoping.
  15. ConstantReboot

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    DMC is not better. DMC lacks vision, ability to break tackles, wiggle to make people miss. He does have better break away speed though.
  16. Bullet22

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    But will be the starter and get the bulk of the carries until Zeke gets back..
  17. Swanny

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    Seems like this same time last year everyone loved Morris over DMC until they played games that mattered. Morris is what he is a solid back up. DMC is a great pass blocker, a good receiver and doesn't fumble. DMC is 100% better thank goodness the Cowboys coaches realize it
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