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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Phoenix-Talon, Jul 2, 2005.

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    This topic may dirrectly impact on some of you, others may empathize, while still others may Not give a damn at all. But it is the off-season, and looking back Of soem of the topics, this one should merit a few responses.

    Will those fans (regardless of your franchise affiliation) who live in areas where the predominant NFL team is not your fan base, please stand up! Even if you were'nt born and raised in that particular town, but you know live/work there, would Like to know your feelings about constantly hearing about a team that you may not like/hate.

    Similar to that, do you think existing on another team's message board is a positive, a negative, or indifferent?

    It's easy to bash another team because of several reasons ...jealousy, envy, projection, or just going along with the majority to be accepted.

    I visit several team message boards to obtain information about opponent teams ...who to be concerned about, what's the chances of a win from one-week-to the next. I'll admit, I've actually picked up some respect along my travels through MB systems (even on the Cowbozoys MB -- couldn't resist).

    What's your take ...and why do you hate so much ...if you do?
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    I was born and raised in Texas and still live in Cowboys Country so that part of the question I can't really respond to. Well, except from the context of Basketball where I am a Spurs fan now living in Dallas Mavericks territory but I have only been here one year and the Spurs won the Championship so I have been able to blow off any criticism and gloat a little along the way. So far it has been all good natured kidding and since I am no where near as passionate about the Spurs as I am the Cowboys it is probably not a good reference.

    However, as for having a rival team fan in my territory I have no problem with it; my best man was a Redskins fan. We used to argue endlessly about the teams but since it was the early 90's and the Boys were winning Superbowls I had the upper hand. We watched the games together and had a lot of fun with good natured jibes at one another's teams and if anyone else was around he was always outnumbered.

    As far as hating another team I hate only the Eagles and Redskins. I hate the Iggles or Egirls (I couldn't resist either) because of their generally classless fans (booing Irvin when he was injured, throwing batter-packed snowballs at the opposing team, etc.). Also, because of Buddy Ryan when he was there with his totally classless coaching style. There are just too many good reasons to hate the Eagles and their fan base but it all boils down to a complete lack of class. BTW I do understand that there are exceptions to the classless Eagles fans and you Phoenix-Talon seem to be one of those exceptions; it's too bad that the vast majority of your fellow fans are Sooo the opposite.

    I hate the Redskins because of Danny-Boy Snyder and what he has done to that once proud team. I used to respect the 'Skins as worthy adversaries; I hated to see them win but I respected them as a team with class. Now I have lost all respect for the franchise and am happy to see them go through their continual losing seasons. This will only change if Snyder sells out to a respectable owner and they become a class act again.

    I never really hated the 49ers because they were a classy team. However, I did hate Eddie DeBartelo (sp) for some of his comments and was glad to see him run out of the league. And I hated them being the media darlings that they were and the constant rerunning of "the Catch" that still goes on today. I hate Bill Walsh getting credit for Paul Brown's offensive concept as well. All-in-all I am glad to see them now struggling at the bottom year after year.

    I don't go to other teams message boards because I don't care about them. I find out all I need to know about what the other teams are doing right here and I don't really care what the other teams fans think. As far as other teams fans coming here I'm ok with it as long as they realize that they are basically guest in another person's (team's) house and don't act like trolls. When other teams fans invade a thread I may make a post or two if I have a point to make but then I usually abandon the thread and leave the petty bickering which inevitably evolves to those more inclined in that regard.

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    Hmmm, I may not be what you are looking for.

    I grew up in L.A. but became a Cowboys fan in the early 60s even though my family were all Rams fans. My dad & I had a great rivalry throughout the late 60s through mid 80s as both teams made the playoffs a lot. I usually came out on top though as the Boys were more successful during that time.

    I moved to the Raleigh area in 1992 and it was mostly Redskins territory until the Panthers started in 1995. The Panthers are based in Charlotte, which is farther away from Raleigh than San Diego is from L.A. but because they are the closest team, and called the "Carolina Panthers" they are treated as the home team here.

    I used to get ragged for wearing my Cowboys stuff in "Rams Country" but not too much here since this is an area where there are a lot of transplants from other areas. I see as many Packers fans here as I do Panthers fans and still more Cowboys fans than anything else (could be because I am looking for them more).

    Most people in this area are college basketball fans with UNC, Duke, and NC State all local teams. I have more of an issue with the college fans than I do with NFL fans as I have always been a UCLA fan. People out here are rabid about college basketball and come up with all kinds of BS for why UCLA was so dominant under Wooden while trying to justify their stance on Dean Smith or Coach K being the greatest ever.

    I have seen a lot of fights started between fans of UNC and Duke and they don't even want to hear about someone living here that isn't a fan of one or the other. I have hated all of the local teams for years and hope they all lose. Needless to say, this has gotten me into trouble with the locals but when I throw out that I am a UCLA fan they usually let it go with a "still living in the past" comment.

    I have a lot of family and friends who are Packers, Giants, Broncos, Redskins, Steelers, and Rams fans and I enjoy the rivalry with them. My chiropractor in particular, a lifelong Packers fan, never misses an opportunity to comment on my being a Cowboys fan to the whole office. That's cool as I am very proud of the fact that I've been a Cowboys fan for over 40 years and have never waivered in my allegiance to them. Same for the Lakers and UCLA and used to be the Dodgers but I gave up on baseball in 1994 after their last strike and don't miss it a bit.

    I only "hate" a few teams (Eagles, Redskins, Steelers, Packers, Browns, Vikings, and 49ERs) but usually not their fans unless they are the bandwagon type in which case I pity them for not knowing the joy of following one team through thick and thin, up and down and back up again.

    I'm sure that if the Eagles finally do win a SB it will be the happiest day of your life as a fan just as it was for me in 1971 when Dallas finally won "the big one" after coming close so many times before.

    I rambled and probably never did address the question you asked but I thought I would share my point of view on being a fan living in "hostile" territory. Lastly, I don't visit other teams forums very often (like maybe a couple of times a year during the season) because I really don't care what they think.
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    I live just outside of Houston yet I have never been a fan of the Oilers/texans. As long as I can remember the Boys have held a special place in my heart.
    While I respect some of the players and coaches that have passed thru Houston there is no bond for me.
    As far as hating them ...only when the Cowboy games are blacked out :bang2:

    During the Love Ya Blue era they got a little annoying ,but really I harbour no hatred ....more of a disintrest ;)

    As far as other team boards ...I visit for information,but bashing them is a waste of my time.....something better left to Eagle fans :D
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    I have never understood that comment "I go to other team's message boards for information".

    What information?

    A homer's look at them? Most are not objective to say the least.

    If I want to know about the Eagles, the last place I would go frequent is a message board.

    Now if I wanted to troll and pass away my idle time, that sounds like a great place to go stir up trouble.
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    Lived in Atlanta, Boston and Charlotte over the last 10 years..... Dont care for any of the teams in those areas.

    Panthers fans are here one day gone the next, no issues.
    Patriot Fans are a little off their rockers and homers to no end, it is really unreal, even before they were winning.
    Atlanta fans: See Panthers Fans.

    As Far as other teams MBs:
    I dont think that I bash anyones team persay, but I will defend the facts about the Redskins or explain misinterpreted information that others seem to always spew.

    And will try to engage in topics where I have an imput or point of view that is a little less homeristic than the fans of that team.

    And smack talk from time to time in the right forum is always a little fun as long as it is done tactfully with someone who actually has some insight and is knowledgeable.

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    I'm a Cowboys fan born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. My family wasn't into sports at all, so I didn't really have any pressure to root for the home team from the beginning. I guess about 4th-5th grade I got interested in football, and just picked Dallas over all the other teams. Landry, Staubach, Dorsett and all those guys... what's not to like?

    Of course, the oddness of this area is that there is a huge Cowboys fanbase—somewhat attributable to the Redskins atrocious history with the black community (I guess they were the last team to integrate?)—so I always see people who wear Cowboys stuff or compliment me on mine.

    That said, my husband is a die-hard Redskins fan who grew up not far from me. So, I end up keeping up with the enemy camp so I can razz him about what is now a total disaster of an organization. So, I check in with Extreme about as often as I read here, somewhat because it's local information, and somewhat because I'm oddly fascinated with how that imperious twerp Art and his minions run that board and spin like crazy when bad news comes out. More ammo for me...

    So, if you're going to be a Cowboys fan in any area other than TX, and want to feel at home, the DC area is ironically a great place to be. Plenty of other fans around, and the enemy right at your doorstep for a little friendly banter.
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    Just look at this board and all the info provided here about the Cowboys....visiting other teams message board IMHO is a great way of finding info about that team. You take homers opinions just like you take opinions here....some are realistic and some are blinded...just have to go there with a open mind. I find it very helpfull especially during training camp and it helps with fantasy football.
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    I'm in the same boat. I was born and raised in Beaumont Texas, 90 miles east of Houston. The Oilers never had my love and the Texans certainly don't, in part because of their fans with Cowboy envy.

    I like going to ES to read Redskins news but never to gloat - that's classless. Don't think the Giants have any fan boards. :laugh2:

    And I don't care to go to Eagles boards because they own us right now. :bang2:
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    I wonder how many opponent teams are currently on this MB. Identify yourselves ...

    2004 NFC-East Champions - The Philadelphia Eagles
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    I'm not sure I qualify since I live in Arizona and the top selling and most popular team here is Dallas, not the Cardinals.

    I was born and raised in New Mexico but lived for several years in Texas. Dallas was the team of the region and blue has always been my favorite color. On top of that Roger Staubach was a NM HS football legend so he was an instant hero.
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    I grew up in DC and my dad was always a die-hard redskins fan. I used to root for whoever the other team was (I remember the first game I watched, it was the cardinals beating the redskins). Somehow I ended up becoming a cowboys fan around age 7 and have never looked back. I read the Washington Post every day though and keep up with the Redskins, because the only thing I love more than rooting for Dallas, is rooting against the Skins. I probably know just as much about the Skins as I do about the Boys. I have an older cousin who is a die-hard boys fan, so on thanksgiving when the family gets together I always have an ally. But boy is it tough to live down when dallas loses on turkey day. I'll never forget that 'fins game in the snow. It used to get especially crazy when Dallas would play the skins on thanksgiving, my cousin broke our futon when he jumped up in celebration at a Gus Frerotte fumble 6 or so years ago.
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    Phoenix, i live in South Jersey and im a die-hard Cowboy fan! Im sure you can imagine what i have to go through with so many eagles fans including my father have to say about my team. Alot of my friends are Dallas fans however. As for going to other message boards, i only go there if im bored and want to find out about certain status' of players. Rumors also intrigue me as well as contract status so i go to certain boards if i want information-not a ball busting war. Elk.
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    I'll get back to most of you later. I have to go get me dog some shots at the vet.

    Back in hour or so. You won't even miss me.
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    Didn't really have to endure the pitfalls of another professional football teams homers, blackouts or their obnoxious fan base. Raised in New Mexico(go Lobos!!) the Cowboys were the prodominate favorite and every game was televised. Living in Arizona for 7 years now nothing has really changed except fot the Cardinals blackout their games here. Really sucked when they were in the same division. They even blacked out a ESPN Thursday night game!! No one is really a die hard here. Even the local sports radio stations have little to no faith in the Cardinals. The support is protrayed as "we'll wait and see" kinda gig every off-sseason. They have shown a little more optimism with the arrival of Denny G. Almost were calling the team a success when Emmitt arrived but that's about it. My dislike of the Cards comes not from who plays for them or who coaches them it's the black out gig that really gets me. On local stations we only get 2 Sunday games instead of the normal 3 I was used to. They will never sell out a game thru October due to the heat. It's just too uncomfortable especially if your sitting in the south end zone seats. There is no relief from the sun until it dips below the horizon and then it's still 100+ degrees.
    I've been kinda lucky when it comes to living in a city with a pro team that I don't root for. I can at least fly my flag and not get jacked up in a parking lot for doing so.
    Colorado is a different story........................................
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    I don't mean to quibble, but Roger was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He played one year at the New Mexico Military Institute, a college prep school, in order to get into the Naval Academy. I think because of his grades but I don't remember for sure. You can read all about Roger and his life history in his book: First Down, Lifetime to Go

    Hundreds of college athletes, and eventual NFL players, have attended prep schools due to poor grades in HS in order to get into college and a chance to play football.
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    born in NJ, still live in NJ and i love my Cowboys
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    Hey Dallas D-Woodson. Look, nobody is trying to question you team loyalty. You didn't even attempt to respond to the question.

    Maybe one too many salt water taffys? ;)

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