Option at DE: Osi Umenyiora wants starting job

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Gryphon

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  2. Apollo Creed

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    His numbers are down, could come cheaper than expected.

    Good friends with Ware, believe they were teammates in HS and college. So he could wanna be paired with his boy if we can't afford Spencer.

    At this point in his career it's buyer beware but the guy has 2 Super Bowls and our team needs some guys that have been there before.
  3. Titleist

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    Expensive and not exactly our biggest need. We would be better off with a FA guard or free safety.
  4. Ntegrase96

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    Can't be a starter if your not an every down player, Osi. Pass.
  5. Vinnie2u

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    Need to Find at Least 2 guys that can bring heat to the QB.. No DB or Safety can cover all day.. I don't care if its OSI, Babin or a draft pick..
  6. erod

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    At this point, he's just a name. He isn't close to the player he was.
  7. Bowdown27

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    No need for him if we have spencer in the fold
  8. xwalker

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    He can't be a starter on the Strong-Side in Kiffin's defense.

    For the right price, he might be a good pass-rushing specialist. Crawford could play SDE on 1st/2nd down and Osi could come in on 3rd down passing situations.

    At age 31, and a liability against the run, I don't expect him to get a big contract.
  9. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    Agree with all of that.

    I actually wouldn't hate it if we brought him in even if we did resign Spencer. I don't think its likely, but it should give us some nice depth.
  10. Idgit

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    I thought this move made sense--even for decent year-to-year money--when he was having contract problems two years ago. Now, I wouldn't like it.
  11. Risen Star

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    I would hate it. He's a name at this point more than a productive player. We need to get younger not add another high priced player in his 30's.
  12. stasheroo

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    I advocated the move a year or two agao but it doesn't work now.

    I ask myself, aae we one player or one offseason away?

    I have to think not.

    Therefore I see no good reason to sign and pay him.
  13. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

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    I agree. And there's really not a spot for him, even as a role player, if we go with a 3-technique guy early in the draft. Hatcher and/or Crawford will be on one end, and Ware on the other. Or we resign Spencer at a premium and there's really no spot for a pass rush specialist who's not as effective as Ware.
  14. Doomsay

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    It's also an uncomfortable name at that.
  15. the_h0wey

    the_h0wey Well-Known Member

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    I would be okay with this signing at a reasonable price of course.
  16. burmafrd

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    shame you cannot have really big incentive driven contracts any more. I would sign him for the Vet minimum then have all sorts of bonuses for number of sacks and if he were to make the Pro Bowl, etc.
  17. Manster54

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    Just say NOsi
  18. wileedog

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    Osi what you did there...
  19. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    I'd like to kick the tires on Jason Babin. He has a high motor, some size and speed. Bet Monte could make him a star in Dallas.
  20. Zimmy Lives

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    Too old. This team needs youth. Pass.

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