Orson Charles

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Dallas has strong interest in this guy? Scouts dont like him that much.

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    OTOH this guy sounds intriguing.
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    Still think he is a late 2, early 3. The success of Aaron Hernandez will help him greatly.
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    The position Dallas' draft team scares me the most at is TE. It just seems their intrigue and excitement outweighs practical contribution. To see us spend a 2nd round pick TWICE while Witten is still young seems like overkill to me. Neither of those guys was viewed as exceptional value at the spots we picked them. Okay, but not exceptional. Then neither really lived up their draft status over time.

    So I take no comfort in b/u TE being a possible position of need in this draft.
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    On the flip side, he's on Scouts Inc.'s top 5 list of potential day 2 steals.

    Georgia TE Orson Charles
    Charles' lack of height (6-2½ , 251) is a knock against him, and he did not post a great 40 time (mid-4.7 range) during the pre-draft process. He was also arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in early March, so Charles' stock has dropped into the third-round range.

    There's not much difference, though, between Charles and Dwayne Allen, who ranks just ahead of him on the tight end board. Allen is a bit bigger (6-31, 255) and a little more agile, but I still think Charles can be a consistent performer in the NFL.

    He gets off the line quickly, accelerates down the field and plays faster than his 40 time indicates. He also has solid hands and body control as a receiver. And while his lack of size means he can't always sustain as a blocker, Charles does give good effort in that area.

    It also seems like Charles' arrest is an isolated incident. He shows very good football character, was a team captain and worked hard in the classroom and on the field during his time at Georgia. He will pay for making a bad decision, but a team such as the Bears, Bills, Oakland Raiders or Indianapolis Colts could fill a need and get plenty of value by taking Charles in the third round.



    Welcome to the guessing game that is the NFL Draft.
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    Gimme Dwayne Allen over him if we're taking a TE in the 3rd.

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