OT: 31 Players suspend from Brawl

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    Did not see anyone post abot this


    Brawl results in mass suspensions

    TIM REYNOLDS / Associated Press
    Posted: 5 hours ago CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) - Once the fighting ended, the fingerpointing began, with the majority of Miami and Florida International players claiming the other side started an ugly, sideline-clearing brawl.
    On Sunday, those schools and their leagues found plenty of blame to go around.After reviewing video of the melee that marred Saturday night's matchup, 31 players - 13 from the Hurricanes, and 18 from FIU - were suspended for his team's next game. Miami plays at Duke this coming Saturday, FIU visits Alabama Oct. 28.

    Additional sanctions, including longer suspensions, could still be issued by the schools.
    "I don't have many bad days," Miami coach Larry Coker said. "This is a bad day."
    The Atlantic Coast Conference and Miami (4-2) suspended Carlos Armour, Chris Barney, James Bryant, Tyrone Byrd, DajLeon Farr, Ryan Hill, Bruce Johnson, Charlie Jones, Brandon Meriweather, Brian Monroe, Derrick Morse, Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick.
    "These suspensions send a clear and definitive message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated," ACC Commissioner John Swofford said.
    Meanwhile, the Sun Belt Conference and FIU (0-7) suspended Michael Alls, Scott Bryant, Roland Clark, Michael Dominquez, John Ellis, Cory Fleming, Reginald Jones, Marshall McDuffie Jr., Robert Mitchell, Quintin Newman, Luis Pena, Jarvis Penerton, Julian Reams, Lionell Singleton, Chris Smith, Samuel Smith, Mannie Wellington and Chandler Williams.
    "There is no place in higher education for the type of conduct exhibited," Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters said.

    There were many instances of heated words being exchanged during - and before - the game.
    But shortly after halftime, unsportsmanlike turned into unruly.
    Bryant bowed to the crowd after catching a touchdown pass with 9 minutes left in the third quarter. Moments later, FIU's Chris Smith wrestled Miami holder Matt Perrelli to the ground and punched him.
    McDuffie kicked Perrelli in the helmet. Morse jumped onto the Smith-Perrelli pile, Singleton followed and tried to punch the Hurricanes' Calais Campbell - and benches began to empty.
    "It's a real embarrassment," FIU linebacker Keyonvis Bouie said, "especially for our school. ... I'm just really disgusted with our players and the way we handled the situation."
    Several players from both sides appeared to throw punches. Meriweather was seen attempting to stomp on FIU players, while an injured Golden Panther swung a crutch menacingly at several Miami players.
    Meanwhile, Reddick charged across the field, helmet raised over his head, and slammed it into Mitchell.
    "Disgraceful," Coker said.
    The suspensions come at a terrible time for Miami, which has six ACC games remaining - and probably needs five wins to even have a chance at playing for the conference title.
    Yes, Miami is playing winless Duke next. But the Hurricanes will play that game without their best kick returner (Johnson), their second-best running back (Jones), two key secondary members (Meriweather and Randy Phillips), their right guard (Morse) and their punter (Monroe).
    Plus, starting right tackle Jason Fox and linebacker Jon Beason were injured Saturday and their availability isn't known for the Duke game.
    Suddenly, what could have been an easy game doesn't look so easy anymore.
    Meanwhile, FIU would have been a big underdog at Alabama anyway, but now will visit the Crimson Tide without nearly half of its regular starting lineup.
    "I can promise you," FIU coach Don Strock said, "that this will never happen again."
    It's the latest in a disturbing series of incidents for Miami in recent months.
    - Several Miami players fought with LSU players following the Tigers' 40-3 Peach Bowl win.
    - Shortly before the Miami-Louisville game Sept. 16, virtually the entire Hurricanes' roster jumped on the Cardinals logo at midfield, an act widely viewed as a taunting gesture. Afterward, some Miami players chided teammates for that incident.
    - A Miami player, Willie Cooper, was shot outside his home shortly before training camp began in what players contend was a robbery attempt. Meriweather returned fire; police said he acted legally.
    - Wide receiver Ryan Moore, who was suspended for the Peach Bowl for violating team rules, then suspended again for other infractions, is expected to be charged this week with misdemeanors stemming from an August fight with a woman. He hasn't played this season.
    And now, perhaps, comes the worst blow.
    Still, Coker - who has been under fire all season and whose job security seems to be a constant source of speculation - bristled when asked if he has control of his team.
    "I do have a grip on this program," Coker said. "Don't ever doubt that. Don't ever doubt that."
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    1 game isn't enough for some of the people in that. On both sides.
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    That Miami player using his helmet as a tomohawk is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen :lmao2:

    And no, the suspensions werent nearly large or long enough
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    The "U" should be banned.
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    There wasn't anything funny about that.
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    They could suspend the whole team and they still wouldn't lose to Duke.
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    Oh, but there is

    The biggest group of thugs on the planet, painted as "badarses and tough guys" by the media annually, and they are using helmets as weapons against defenseless kickers.
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    scUM is back to their renegade status. Larry choker has lost total control of the team. This is the third incident involving scUM since arriving in the ACC. The ACC needs to drop a bomb on these thugs. You should've heard the great commentary by ex -coone Lamar Thomas. scUM sucks!!!!
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    Who does Miami play next? I always enjoy seeing them lose.
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    A&M goes to the Orange Bowl next year. I was looking forward to a road trip, but now....*gulp*
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    Just 1 game suspensions? Lame.
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    Was the announcer suspended or reprimanded in any way?

    I heard about his comments... and saw a blurb on ESPN, but I caught the end of it, didn't see exactly what it said.

    Ahh, nevermind I found it...


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    He was fired.
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    Yeah, but AIDS jokes are gravy, right?
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    The whole thing happened on "Join a team, not a gang" day at the stadium.

    The Metro-Dade Police brought about 700 kids for free to show them how being part of a team can help you stay out of trouble.

    That was pure class what the players did for the kids.
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    When did I tell an AIDS joke?
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    Most people on TV, and in general do not notice the worst part of this act. After it was over, the Miami players on the sideline started pumping their helmets up and down, as if they were getting pumped up after the fight. THAT and that alone, was the worst part of the entire thing. It showed that the players on the team not only retalitated(which is bad, but not so much), they were seemingly "proud" of what they did.

    ******** Miami fans think it was cool, and that their team is badass. All a bunch of bull**** thugs, I go to UVa, so that's just my ACC opinion. Yeah I know the skins got a bunch of "thugs" from the U. I mean honestly only Taylor would fall under that category, bc Portis and Moss would not do that.
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    PLEASE tell me you're joking.

    You are joking, right?

    Can the NCAA take any sanction against these two teams? It just seems unfair that these two teams could suit up Saturday and get wins...

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