OT Bum Phillips has heart Surgery

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    What a great coach, one of the last greats still with us.

    Former Oilers coach undergoes triple bypass surgery
    HOUSTON - Bum Phillips, who led the Houston Oilers during the "Luv Ya Blue" era of the late 1970s and later coached the New Orleans Saints, is recovering from weekend heart surgery.


    Phillips, 81, was having chest pains this weekend and went to the hospital, where the blockage was discovered. He underwent a triple bypass, his wife Debbie Phillips told radio station KBME in Houston.

    He was in intensive care Monday.

    Phillips had experienced some symptoms of heart problems recently.

    "He was getting a little short of breath," his son, Wade, who is the defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, told the radio station. "He had a big blockage ... that was kind of slowing him down."

    Phillips coached the Oilers from 1975-80 and became an icon in the city. He was responsible for drafting Earl Campbell in 1978.

    He was fired on New Year's Eve of 1980 after the Oilers lost a playoff game to the Oakland Raiders.

    Since retiring from the Saints in 1985, he has lived on his horse ranch in Goliad.
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    hard to believe bum is 81........time flies

    great man.. great coach.
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    Bum was a riot as the Oilers radio color man.
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    "throw the bomberooski"

    He was a character but he had a great football mind.

    Speedy recover UA "Bum" Phillips.
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    I can't believe he is still alive! He seemed like a heart attack waiting to happen 20 years ago.

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