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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by cowboys4life, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I just had lunch at Randy White's BBQ restaurant here in Addison...and who walks in but Randy White...very approachable guy shook his hand and went on my way to eat....sorry if this is the wrong area...but i was in awe lol :eek:
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    There is no wrong area to talk about Randy White.



    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Maybe it's just me but IMO, there is no wrong area for posting a Randy White sighting. Good job CB4L.
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    He's awesome! He works out at this 24hr fitness I go to in Frisco and we spoke to him one time for a couple of min about somethin other than football and the guy remembers our names. Every time he's in there he speaks like we are buddies. Very nice dude. Still strong as an ox, but has a noticable walk from playing football seems like he's about to tip over. Didn't know he had a place in Addison, he has one in Frisco that's pretty busy. How was the food?
  5. cowboys4life

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    i noticed that walk when he came in...he has huge arms LOL looks to be in tip top shape...he was talking to the guy that was working there and he said he left with 5 mins left to go in the game...thanks guys i know with the way the game went last night and all i didnt want this to be in the way lol i mean im as mad as the next but we have to let it go...i believe it wont carry over tho...they will get payback :)
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  7. cowboys4life

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    oh and dog the food i think was great....and thanks abqcowboy...i was so in awe LOL

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