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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by fweegy, Dec 6, 2004.

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    I am about to partake on my 2nd Annual Dallas Trip this year for the upcomming Saints game. Last year, my buddy and I took in a Mavs game on Saturday night for something to do.....seeing how every freaking sports team Dallas has is out of town this weekend, except for the Cowboys, my buddy and I are looking for something to do on Sat. night. We were thinking about partaking in a joint that specializes in "the dollar bill exchange" if you get my meaning. I hear Dallas is famous for these kind of places. Can you fine, upstanding, moral men give me some names.....we'd like a nice place where we can walk out and find all 4 tires and the engine intact on our rental. I thank you all in advance.
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    I haven't been back to Dallas for a little while but as of 6-8 months ago:

    1. Million Dollar Saloon on Greenville is still a decent bet. Not quite as upscale as a few years ago, but still in the upper tier. From American Arena, go 75 North, Exit Lovers Lane. Take a Right. Left on Greenville - on your right 1.5 miles.

    2. Cabaret Royale (is it still called that?) is a little higher-end - open till 4am. Old area used to be called restaurant row. The Fair is next door now - a lower-end place. I think open till 6am. Look up directions on the NET.

    3. Since you are going to a Mavs game, there used to be this new place right off 35 about 5 minutes away (heading away from downtown toward 114/183) that was upscale. A lot of Athletes used to go there. I can't remember the name - it may have been shut down? They have been in trouble a couple of times for illegal activities 'in the back' if you know what I mean. But the place is nice and the girls were good looking at least when I went about 1 yr ago.

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