OT Eric Winston in Talks w/ Miami

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Apr 28, 2013.

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    We all know that in 2006, Saints coach Sean Payton offered Jerry a 3rd round pick for Tony Romo. Jerry refused the offer, demanding a 2nd round pick instead. There was no deal.

    The Saints traded that 3rd round pick (2nd in the round, 66th overall) to Houston who drafted OT-Eric Winston.

    Just thought it'd be funny if that pick that Saints offered ended up in Dallas protecting Tony Romo.
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    Sadly enough I agree with this post whole hardy, I don't think Jerry tries to sign anyone else.
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    I would have to agree also. I think they went into the draft looking to get one starter in the middle. I think they are content with what they see on the roster with the exception of Free. They may have to sign a JAG if Free doesn't agree to lower his salary.
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    Give me Moore and Winston
    Then I think we have a real OL that would really protect Romo
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    Go watch Winston play against Tampa....he seems like a slightly better version if free.

    He is an excellent dude and great locker room guy though.

    I think clabo is a better player. The only thing with him when I watched them is he kind of run blocks like columbo circa 07 but pass blocks like columbo circa 2010.

    I like clabo, he holds his ground and looks good on the move when Atlanta ran that zone blocking stretch play like we have tried.

    I still wouldn't pay clabo to much.

    If my choices are free at A discount, Winston at his asking price or clabo, I take clabo, free then Winston in that order.

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