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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by coach316, Oct 6, 2004.

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    .......Well......maybe only in DAD'S eyes. ;)

    Went to my son's 8th grade football game last night. He had a very good game and made his dad, mom and grandparents in attendance very proud.

    He threw a 60 yard touchdown pass, 45 was on the ground by the WR but hey, that's still impressive for both of them. He ended up 7 of 10 for somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 yards. We were all shocked at the amount of passes thrown. Usually they run the ball about 95% of the time at this level. Last week he went 0-2 and that was the only 2 passes thrown the entire game by both teams.

    On defense he was CB and came away with one interception and a tackle for a 4 yard loss on a toss sweep.

    He is the kicker and kicked off twice. The first time they underestimated his leg strength. The coaches kept telling the kick returners to move up about 10 yards and he kicked it over their heads where they picked it up at about the 5 with about a 10 yard return. The second time they stayed back....I tried yelling at them to move up again but they wouldn't listen. LOL

    He is also the punter and punted once for something ridiculous like 55 yards because the other team underestimated him again and he kicked it over their heads and had a huge roll to his advantage.

    A couple of his teammates had impressive games too. One of the defensive linemen had back to back blocked punts. Nearly got a third later in the game. Another d-lineman had a ton of tackles, several for losses and one of them going for a safety.

    The safety and td pass ended up being the only scores as they missed the 2-pt conversion winning the game 8-0.
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    Well MY son had 15 tackles, 1 forced fumbled that ended up being a safety, and 2 sacks last night!! Best game of his little middle school career!!
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    Congrats to him and hopefully he can make it to the Cowboys someday.
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    Congrats to the both of the proud parents!
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    Congrats coach and BS. I hope to see them both on Sunday some day.
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    Get Jerry on the phone we could use him at FS :D

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    I second that. Congradulations to all the parents out there doing the most important work there is to do. Raising your kids.

    Good job all around!
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    Good luck on the kids parents! May they stay injury free and all earn scholarships! :)
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    Good job BS
    if I ever need to get rid of some excess thunder I know who to call
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    That's a pretty awesome performance. Unfortunately Jr. High doesnt mean much as far as a persons skill down the road will be. Obviously the kid has a leg up on his peers as far as athleticismn goes but by about his Sophmore year of Highschool alot of people will have caught up with him by then. Ofcourse I havent seen this guy play myself, Im just saying from personal observation. I've seen kids that werent even starters on the Jr. High B teams go on to be absolute studs in Highschool and some even college. While at the same time I have seen so many Jr. High A team players not seeing much playing time once they got started playing varsity ball. I guess some just develop at certain times in their adolesence. Now that I look back over this post, it seems kind of demeaning...not my intention at all.
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    I'm trying to get my son into playing football... He plays soccer, but I'm getting closer all the time. He was flipped upside down and on his head by a kid twice his size last weekend in the Waco tournament, which his team won -and loved it. He is really quick and it was frustrating the other team so they started slide kicking him..and he started leading with his elbow on the decent down on top of them...He said he liked being airborne... I told him it could happen more often in football... diving over tackles, diving into the endzone, getting flipped on a run, back flips on TDs (he does them on goals now)...

    He wants to play football now...YEA!!!! :D And I'm looking into better health insurance coverage...LOL

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