OT Greg Robinson Declares for Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by IAmLegend, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Greg Robinson ‏@GregRobinson7311m
    This was a tough decision but I have decided to declare for the NFL Draft.

    This kid is a beast, and he hasn't reached his potential yet. I expect him to be a top 10-12 pick after the combine. Should push another good player down.
  2. CowboysYanksLakers

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    It's not tough when you have millions in front of you... $$$$$$$
  3. RS12

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    If he was still on the board I would sprint the card to Goodell. I think he will be elite as would the OL be for years to come.
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  4. IAmLegend

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    Greg Robinson - T - Tigers
    Auburn redshirt sophomore T Greg Robinson jumped from No. 9 to No. 4 on ESPN analyst Mel Kiper's board.

    Kiper was the first on Robinson's case, bringing up his name on a conference call, and now many believe the massive left tackle could be the first prospect selected at the position. "He moves really well, can get out in the run game and block in space (as you saw in the BCS title game), but does so with a powerful lower half that makes him tough to push backward, too; he has long arms and delivers a solid punch," Kiper writes. Robinson could put on a show at the Combine due to his combination of agility and strength.

    Source: ESPN
    Jan 10 - 11:10 AM
  6. cowboysooner

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    He is a heck of a prospect but I'm wary of taking an ot from an option offense. It will likely take a year to fix his pass blocking technique. Ideally the team that picks him can hide him at guard for a year.
  7. ologan

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    Not sure that's what the OP had in mind, to move up and take him. More like there will be a pretty good defensive player dropping down with his entry. Question is, if he does fall that far to us, do you trade out and pick up perhaps an extra pick? Can he play right tackle? Guard? We seem to have a pretty decent LT already.
  8. tm1119

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    He's going to be the 1st OT taken.
  9. Fredd

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    agree with ologan...this player isn't likely an option for Dallas, but it will make someone else available....and, the more names that declare at the top of the draft that are NOT DL, the better, just for that reason.....and, once someone that may have wanted a QB (for example) sees someone like robinson that they can't pass up, then leaving the QB for someone else then changes the thought process for that/those team(s) as well....robinson and anyone else that declares and is a projected top 10 causes a ripple effect in the draft that can only benefit Dallas if they truly want to get a DL
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    I think he will be a star. I'd draft him if he fell, wont happen though. It would give them the makings of a dominant O Line for a decade. I'm for best player availble when drafting and I know this defense is a train wreck, but this draft wont come close to fixing it. I'd draft a franchise QB if they fell too.
  11. Avery

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    This is a fairly deep draft which is good news.
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  12. IAmLegend

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    Coaches hate the word "potential," but this guy has all of it and then some. Could easily be the best OT in the league in a few years if he works hard. I think he eventually surpasses Jake Matthews as the first OT taken after he blows away the combine.
  13. Marktui

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    His run blocking is tremendous. The guy was demolishing Kony Ealy, Edwards from FSU in the run game. He would drive those guys back 5 yards easily. He does have problems with hand placement, he tends to grab onto players when blocking. His pass pro is limited because of the Auburn offensive system. From the limited pass blocking he did show, it was a mix bag. He looks to have a low base, but I saw him over extend too many times for a top first round talent. I don't see him as a day one left tackle, only because of the pass pro liability. But if he was there for us, I would not have a problem with it. Stick him at guard for a couple of years and get him coached up.

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