OT: John Nalbone TE Monmouth (funny story)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 26, 2009.

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    As some of you know, he is my cousin. Well he got drafted my Parcells and Miami. I know big surprise, New Jersey kid that plays TE getting drafted by Bill but anyways, when Bill called him to let him know they were taking him he was so excited he forgot Parcells was no longer with the Cowboys or just had a slip of the mind and told Bill how excited he was being a long time Cowboys fan and now getting the shot to play for America's team ment the world to him. I guess the phone was just silent and then he realized what he just said. Sparano just laughed and told him to get ready for camp.
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    so you guys are Italian?
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  4. SDogo

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    He is by marriage. His mother is my mothers sister. Father is full blood Italian. Matter of fact, his fathers brother (uncle) works at some horse stable that Parcells frequents and I guess has mob ties.
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    Monmouth will shortly be renamed to Miles Austin University. :D
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    That's funny.

    I could imagine BP cursing JJ under his breath.
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    Fixed it. :laugh2:
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    Damn right. We will be so proud.
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    This is exactly what i was looking for. thank you for the informative post and keep up the good work!
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    I didn't see this topic before but that's very cool for your relative to have gotten that shot.

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