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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Honest question:

    After DeCastro at guard, the other pure guards are considered 2nd rounders at best. Glenn is only a 1st round consideration because he may make it as a right tackle.

    At tackle, there are 3-4 players who may get into round one after Kalil and Reif, and others rated fairly high; with tackles, if there is doubt that they can cut it on the left side, they tend to drop in value as RTs or guys like Gallery who end up as guards for years.

    So....after DeCastro in round one, if we look at a guard instead of a center, why are we intent on looking at the lesser guards in rounds 2-3 instead of some of the tackles in rounds 2-3? When I check out Kiper, Ourlads, and others, there seem to be around a dozen tackles with potential to become starters at tackle, and their only question marks seem to make them ideal candidates to move inside and play multiple positions.

    Are the lesser guards, who also have questions around their flexibility or feet or pass protection, really better candidates for us than those tackles who are there at pick 45?

    The Cowboys have a long history of finding starting guards among former tackles who were better linemen to begin with.
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    Hmmm...I'm surprised none of the faithful draftnics have helped with this one.
    Maybe I wasn't clear with my question. Surely those who follow the player evaluations and draft history can explain this.

    Is it really better to target guys like Silatolu, Brroks, and Zeitler at OG in round two rather than guys like Massie, Adams, Allen, Osemele, and others with similar ratings at OT?

    If you are looking for OL other than Center, considering our FA signings, should we be drafting 2nd round pure guards or 2nd round tackles who could also move inside? What's the better philosophy after round one?
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    For equivalent talent at OG you will have to pay more (higher draft pick) for the player that can also play OT.

    For example:

    Allen and Silatolu might have the same grade at OG, but you’ll probably have to draft Allen around #33 whereas you can probably get Silatolu around #45.

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    2 things:

    1. Great players can be had in the later rounds, so even if we don't address positions of need until then I'm okay with it, knowing that I finally trust this coaching and scouting staff based on recent drafts.

    2. Who's to say the Cowboys are not looking at positions you are asking about? Posters here may not be tuning inot positions of lesser need, but I doubt theCowboys are.

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