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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Bryan8284, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Cincinnati, OH--An advertising stunt dreamed up by a local Cincinnati radio station went terribly wrong when twenty live turkeys plummeted to their deaths after being dropped out of a helicopter under the misguided assumption that they would all just fly away.

    "The turkeys were hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement," stated Les Nessman, who reported the event live for station WKRP from the parking lot of the Pinedale Shopping Mall.

    "It was just terrible. People started to panic and were running around the parking lot screaming. One of the turkeys even went right through the windshield of a parked car."

    Station Manager Arthur Carlson took full responsibility for the chaos caused by the Thanksgiving Day promotion, claiming that "as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." The station promised to reimburse anybody who suffered property damage as a result of this stunt.

    WKRP is a "beautiful music" station that ranks 16th in the 18 station Cincinnati market. They are currently considering a format change in hopes of boosting their dismal ratings.
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    Politics of Dancing is a solid CD.
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    Do you believe this and really Do not know or remember the show WKRP in Cincinnati.
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    I remember that hot blonde that came out on that show. Was it Lonnie Anderson? Can't remember.

    Oh and Venus Flytrap. Remember him cuz he also came out on That 70's Show.
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    Yes and Johnny Dr. Fever...and like in the article the person posted Les Nessman was the nerdy news guy.

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    Venus FlyTrap>Andy Travis
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    No man...Baily was the hot chick!!!

    And by the way...here's the clip!!!...from youtube.

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    I used "I thought turkeys could fly" as a thread title the other day and no one "got" it. I also mentioned the turkey drop as the single funniest moment in tv history but we talked about pea salad instead.
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    Hey, hey, hey...I got. Gp back and check again. I mentioned Less Nessman.
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    wild turkeys can fly they actually are seen in trees quite often. white domesticated turkeys can't fly as they have been selectively bred to maximize size and minimize mobility.

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