OT: Prosecutors to drop Kobe Case...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by trickblue, Sep 1, 2004.

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    Any money exchanged was after I posted or I didn't see it. I went by what Kobe said and that was that no money had been exchanged. So I am sorry if I misquoted.... :eek:

    And I'm familiar enough with the law to know that the way it was decided, there is no fault on the books... my point was that with him being an athlete, popular and loved by sports fans everywhere - he was given the benefit of the doubt, and because of his stature she was demonized from day one - a liar, sleeze, gold digger, etc

    We won't know for sure whether his statement was to save his face, her face or fact. I never said he did or didn't, just that it was cited by Kobe as a misunderstanding . My point was that as it stands, after all the court time.and the dismissal w/o a verdict... He is still the beloved role model that cheated on his wife... who got a rock the size of Texas (jealousy on that one) and she is still the money hungery liar (true or not) in most eyes
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    I am pretty sure she got some cash. If not, she'll be suing for some - fact.

    He should be given the benefit of the doubt. In the court system today, not enough people are given the benefit of the doubt. No one really gets "a fair trial" unless they have money. It's a system of pleas and deals.The courts should be able to handle more cases than they do.

    I can't stand Kobe Bryant. I hate the Lakers, but I know B.S. when I smell it. In the end, this girl will get what she wants - a life filled with fortune - and not have to work a day for it. ;)

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