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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CyberB0b, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Ware is going to have to take a pay cut or be released. If he takes a pay cut, he will still get around 7-8 million. If he gets cut, he is going to count about 3-4 million against the cap. To me, that says if we cut ties with him, we need to be shopping in the 3-5 million dollar range.

    Obviously, we aren't going after Orakpo or Hardy. He has Spencer, Bennett, and Worilds in the 7-8 million a year range, which I think is too expensive. I like Michael Johnson or Robert Ayers. What say ou?
  2. bkight13

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    If Hardy is let loose, he should be the target. They can draft DTs.
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  3. TheFinisher

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    We're in cap hell, I wouldn't expect much activity from us.
  4. burmafrd

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    what is worth getting we cannot afford
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  5. jterrell

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    If you cut Ware you pay 8.5+M not 4.
    Good try tho...
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  6. AmberBeer

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    Jerry's hosed the salary cap up so bad that we relegated to picking up players off the streets.
  7. jterrell

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    Stephen is actually the cap guy.

    Ultimately what they've done is lock in big-time contracts as virtual guarantees.
    Dallas can't afford to cut Ware in June when it would offer the best cap relief because they are so far over the cap that his scheduled restructure is almost mandatory.

    None of Ware's money this year is guaranteed but the Cowboys cap situation basically offers as such a guarantee.
    That is likely why Ware's agent told him to shut up about a pay cut.
    The Cowboys cap issues actually give Ware more leverage.

    What would be the smartest move for Dallas with Ware is to plan for next year.
    Get the cap in a situation where they can cut him next June and be working in the meantine to add some WDE so the team at least has guys on the roster.
    Right now we have one WDE on the entire roster: Ware.
    Ware had a very down year for himself but he was still 1000x better than any other WDE last year in Dallas.
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  8. StarBoyz83

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    I think arthur jones is one of the main guys we should be looking at! Hes not even on there?
  9. jterrell

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    Jones is a strongside guy.
    He weighs 315 pounds.

    This was created using the PRP metric from PFF where Ware has been a top 3 guy for the past decade. (though not this year!!)

    It was aimed at targeting pass rushers with something more meaningful than a sack total.
    I think some of the assumptions about salaries are off but the work itself isn't bad.
  10. TwentyOne

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    Thats right.
  11. CyberB0b

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    I used the Over The Cap calculator. Designating him as a June 1st cut shows nearly 4 million in dead money for 2014. What am I doing wrong? I don't have a great understanding of the cap.
  12. Bowdown27

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    I see us drafting a dt and signing a de. Spencer should not be let back anywhere near the locker room. Guy is done.
  13. Common Sense

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    The only problem is not being able to clear the space until June 1st. If Ware is cut, it will be before the opening day of free agency.
  14. Hoofbite

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    You take all of it until June 1st, then you get the relief.
  15. CyberB0b

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    OK, well, it doesn't matter then, right? They don't have to be under the cap until way later in the season, right?
  16. xwalker

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    They have to be under the cap in March.

    You were correct that it's only about 4M in dead money if Ware were a June 1st cut; however, they can't carry his non restructured contract to June 1st if they want to do anything in free agency.

    They get 7.4M of cap relief by cutting him in March and have 8.5M in dead money.
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  17. CyberB0b

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  18. jterrell

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    By June 1st you could do that.
    Problem is you then can forget that list of FA pass rushers because the majority will sign new deals between March-June.
    Someone will be there in June in all likelihood but you can forget targeting and just hope for good value dregs.
    If we cut Wate now and designate him a June cut we don't actually get the cap space adjustment until June 2nd.

    Other issue is Dallas is obviously WAYYY over the cap now and they can't get under with designated June cuts.

    The OTC tool is awesome but where it fails is with dates.
    The team has to be under the cap by March 11th and that means you have to be under BEFORE you can designate June 1st cuts.
    To get best effect of the tool make your moves including standard cuts, free agent offers and any tags you put on players in the order you'd actually complete them.

    If Dallas had ample room to get under the cap by March I think it very likely that Ware would join Miles as June cuts unless he took a salary reduction.
    Problem is to get under by March without touching Ware Dallas has to push forward a lot of more questionable deals thus guaranteeing them before you ever even enter camp.

    IMHO Dallas tries to work with Ware to reduce his cap number. Saw an article in national football post suggesting he drop to 8.75M in base, gets the other 4m converted to non likely to be earned incentives (for our case we could use 1m for 7 sacks, another 1m for 10+; 1 mil for playing 14 games, 1 mil for playing 16+).

    But in any case Miles seems a sure bet to be released June 2 and his cap money then becomes draftee cash and normal yearly cushion.
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  19. bkight13

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    The can get to almost 7m under the cap by doing a bunch of restructures without dealing with Ware and Austin until June 1st. That is enough to sign a couple FAs. The problem is they would have to cut guys like Costa, Parnell and Durant before drafting their replacements.

    Waiting until June for Ware and Austin would give the team the most relief this year and any leftover could be rolled over to 2015 after signing the draft picks and picking through the camp cuts. In Ware's case it would buy them more time to see if he is recovered from surgery and to work out a new deal.
  20. jterrell

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    In the scenario above(restructure and conversion of 4m to NTLBE inc) you trim about 9.5m from Ware's current cap total for 2014.
    His total cap cost would be ~6.5M in 2014.
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