OU coaches down on Tony Jefferson

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Well this sucks to hear. Not too surprising though b/c I thought his play deteriorated year by year. Two years ago, I thought he would have been a superstar by now.

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    Hmm.. Add OU to the list with LSU of college programs that trash their own players before the draft.

    It's too bad cause I like Jefferson coming into the draft. I think he's underrated, but if that's the case then I'm sure we won't even bother with him. Maybe he'll slip to the late 3rd. Who knows.

    **Found this article on the matter: http://newsok.com/online-report-rai...748453?custom_click=pod_lead_oklahoma-sooners

    Jefferson denies it (obviously). Here's an exerpt from the article:

    Jefferson, though, unleashed a barrage of tweets Tuesday in response to the report.

    “Also y'all be careful who y'all let pat you on the back,” read the final part of Jefferson's several- tweet response. “They could be patting you on ur back to find a soft spot, just to stab you in it!”
    In response to an OU fan on Twitter, Jefferson said, “been a leader in the weightroom since I got there.”
    To another Twitter user, he said, “Coaches hate me man. It's all good tho.”
    Sooner coaches never once specifically criticized Jefferson's work ethic or commitment; to the contrary, Mike Stoops often praised Jefferson for playing most of last season on a badly sprained ankle.
    For much of his sophomore season, Jefferson played with a sprained knee.
    ESPN.com ranks Jefferson as the fifth-best safety prospect available in the 2013 draft. Last week on a conference call with reporters, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr., said he expects Jefferson to be a second-round pick.
    “I like the way he plays the game,” Kiper said. “He's got real good awareness. Real good instincts for the position. He's been a playmaker his whole career.”
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    I really like Tony Jefferson as a prospect, I would have been thrilled with him as a second rounder, but if his coaches aren't sold on him that is a huge red flag for me.

    I've been drinking all night so my reading comprehension skills aren't up to par, so maybe the title is misleading, but if the coaches aren't happy with him then I don't want him.

    If college coaches aren't happy with him, then I don't want him as a Cowboy.
  4. Macnalty

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    This is from my son an OU person with very good insight:

    Here is my take on the TJ/OU speculation: if a current OU coach said that, then I hope he or Bob Stoops told TJ this is what we're going to tell the scouts regarding you. IMO, either Venables (ex DC who left) or Willie Martinez (DB coach that was fired) probably said that TJ needs to prep better to max his game. I can't really believe that any coach associated with TJ would rip him for a couple of reasons;
    1. TJ was a starter the day he hit campus, the kid can play
    2. He recruited his butt off for OU and was very vocal in getting kids to commit.

    Also note that this same web site ran stories that Trey Millard was going to declare for the draft and that wasn't the case. So just because TJ and Stills are reading and pissed about it doesn't mean it's true. This is obviously a huge issue and they may be over-reacting until they talk to Bob etc. But if they are at some camp training for the combine then who knows if and when that conversation will take place.

    If an OU coach really did this then he is a selfish, naive, dumb- for doing so. Coaches get rewarded pretty well because of players like TJ. They don't have to lie to the scouts about him, nor should they back stab a kid in the back either. Especially one that did so much for them.

    Now to the stuff you probably want to know... I think TJ would be a good fit here. He needs some physical development to help prevent injuries. He can tackle in space, has great instincts and should be effective in playing deep zone coverage. He is a good not great athlete by NFL DB standards so be careful with him in man coverage. But he would be a nice player in the Tampa-2 and he can be an asset on STs as well.
  5. ABQcowboyJR

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    Maybe they are just being honest and setting an example for their team. It doesn't matter how good you are, still gotta commit or else.....
  6. Macnalty

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    We had something similar from the OU admin last year with the LBers coming out before the draft. I am starting to see a trend.
  7. Gaede

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    I like Jefferson. Hope this isn't true.
  8. CATCH17

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    OU Coaches aren't sold on Jefferson?

    Ok im sold now. Draft this guy.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    The reportedly dished some dirt on Ronnell Lewis last year too. Ronnell didn't exactly prove them wrong in his rookie year. He was only activated for about half of Detroit's games this year.
  10. Risen Star

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    I have no problem with college coaches "selling out" a player. Their reputations are on the line. They may want to work in the NFL some day. I wouldn't cover for any player that I felt didn't fully commit to my program.
  11. Macnalty

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    Below is the transcript from TJ on the radio:

    The funny thing is I just got off the phone with my coach. I guess those sites are pretty much B.S. I knew my coaches would never say anything like that, one because it's not true and two, our coaches aren't like that. I've put it all on the line for my team and my program and I've had the best time of my life being at the University of Oklahoma. My coach wanted to call and set it straight and let me know everything that was said was not true. I knew that. My coaches are good guys and we've always had a good relationship. For everyone out there, if you come in as a freshmen and have a lack of work ethic or a lack of work ethic anytime, you won't play there. That's not how they work. You've got to work and do things on and off the field. I guess the website blew up because of it but I was glad to hear from my coaches to set it straight.
  12. Gaede

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    Sweet! I can still like him as a prospect now.

    On the player himself, I only watched one of their games but I noticed him everytime they were on defense. Was always involved. That may have been a fluke, I'm not sure, but I liked what I saw.

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