Our GM Evaluates Livings/Bernadeau

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by superpunk, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Please. Have mercy on me. I can't take much more.
  3. superpunk

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    What corners will be available at 18? :cool:
  4. Woods

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    On a serious note, are there any stats showing how our OGs performed the last half (or even month) of the season versus their peers? Did they materially improve versus the first half of the season performance (versus their peer rankings)?
  5. bark

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    the man said he couldn't take much more...:laugh1:
  6. Idgit

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    We had bigger problems at OT and C.
  7. SWG9

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    Just accept the inevitable fact that the we'll never take OL seriously as long as Jerry Jones is running things.
  8. Sasquatch

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    That's me crying and laughing.
  9. newlander

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    to think the man was an Olineman on a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM at Arkansas...granted it was in the dark ages but still you'd think he'd have a CLUE on how to evaluate Olinemen but...................not so much.:rolleyes:
  10. rat2k8

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    Please God help Romo, and don't let him get too hurt.
  11. theogt

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    Well, according to PFF, Livings and Bernadeau combined gave up 12 sacks in the first 10 games and 1 sack in the last 6 games. I mean, that's certainly improvement for what it's worth and may be part of what Jerry was referencing.*

    I think, just from watching the games, there was a clear improvement to the line as a whole, but it was improvement from complete and total crap to slightly less worse than complete and total crap.

    * OL sack statistics should be taken with a huge grain of salt given the difficulty of accurately assigning responsibility.
  12. the_h0wey

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    Sir, please keep your facts and logical thinking to yourself.
  13. Woods

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    Even if those numbers are approximately correct it is real improvement.

    As for the running game, do you know if that improved at all? It did seem the OL improved during the end of the season.
  14. superpunk

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    re: sacks I think a huge part of that was Romo took his game to godmode.

    We still couldn't run the ball successfully though.
  15. Hostile

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    Wonder why this is being ignored?
  16. Hoofbite

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    I gotta believe that it was the Cincy game considering Geno Atkins basically set up a campsite in the backfield.

    If not, I'd be hard pressed to believe it to be accurate.
  17. Doomsay

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    I think that the point of the OP is that we have bigger problems at GM.
  18. fivetwos

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    Just when I thought he couldn't get any more ridiculously clueless and delusional.......
  19. Woods

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    Yes, i agree. But it could have been that we were also playing catch-up in many of those games and were forced to pass.

    I do think our OL needs better players, but I guess the question is to get at least an above average OL, are we talking about 1 quality OL added to the roster or more like 2?

    Would a healthy Costa and squaring the RT position take us to an above average OL?
  20. CowboyChris

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    what did you really expect Jerry to say? both Livings and Bernadeau sucked? Did you think he was gonna come out and say we are going to re-build the whole OL in the offseason?

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