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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jblaze2004, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I don't hate him, but would he bring anything to the table that Church doesn't?

    And man, there were a lot of flags thrown on him for that being a highlight video. I didn't watch him play much, but from that first vid, it looks like he needs to learn how to tackle.
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    Man coverage? No absolutely not, Ill give you that. But he's more than capable and athletic enough to patrol a deep zone and not let anything behind him. If youre looking for a safety that is going to cover the slot 1 on 1 youre going to be looking for a long time, there aren't many of them out there. They are safeties for a reason and not high $ CBs. Im not saying Swearinger is the perfect safety or that he will be great in the NFL, but I can't see why anyone would be against him with a 3rd round pick.
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    Swearinger is 5-11, 210.

    I've watched multiple complete SC games, not highlight videos.

    He is definitely in my top 3 Safeties and possibly number #1.

    His only issues are the over-celebrating and a modest number of Interceptions.

    Scouting Report Info:

    Well grounded. Solid student. Good work ethic. No off the field issues to our knowledge. Good football character. Very well-respected by teammates. Pursuing a retailing degree.

    Ball Skils:
    Will misjudge angles at times but when in position to make a play on the ball he does a better than average job of attacking it. Reliable hands and good body control. Flashes ability to make tough diving catch over his head (12:55 3rd QTR vs. UT 2011). Has solid production (four INTs last two seasons - 2010-11).
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    I've never wanted a S less... the dude is terrible IMO. He is everything that is wrong with modern day football. He over celebrates every play even when he had a minute role in it. He is a HEADHUNTER who might as well not have arms. The dude tackles by running into people. He doesn't use his arms at all. That won't fly in the NFL. Period. Pass.
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    I think when it comes to safety people let perfection get in the way of progress. Everyone wants Earl Thomas or Ed Reed, but Earl Thomas gets drafted with Top 15 draft picks and God has made exactly one Ed Reed in the last 30 years. You don't need Earl Thomas or Ed Reed to get good safety play. It's not going to take an Ed Reed or Earl Thomas to massively upgrade the safety play from the litany of Willie Pyles, Lynn Scotts, washed up Marcus Colemans, Abe Elams, Killer Keith Davis, Danny McCrays, Eric Framptons and the rest of dregs of the NFL we've trotted out there at the position over the last decade at the position. Draft a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round who has a consensus 2nd or 3rd round grade, get him out on the field and quit over thinking things. It's not like Jon Lynch was single man covering split hybrid TEs from the slot in his day.
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    SOunds like Cyprien to me. :)
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    Talked me into it. It's a good safety class. I'm fine with any of the top 8-10 guys. I even like McDonald better than most on here apparently do. I just want the position addressed. I'm tired of the latest Willie Pile du jour.
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    he is absolutely a cover safety. You dont put your safety at cb if he cant cover. I would love it if he brought his nasty play attitude to this team just like john lynch did for monte years ago

    He can play that deep centre half field great in this new scheme imo.
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    I'm hearing two stories about character. Since they are third hand I take that with a grain of salt. Well more than a few. So the character concerns may be erroneous. However, he's not fast, isn't that fluid by my eyeball over the last two seasons, gets burned too often, and he doesn't tackle well.

    Safeties in college ball are often put there because they aren't talented enough to ball corner. Of course there are exceptions and they go high. My point is to take decent sized corners and draft them for safety. And get the guys who either can tackle or have the guts to be taught to tackle.
  10. jobberone

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    You misunderstood me. I'm saying draft corners to play safety since they can cover while usually your better athletes in college are at corner and the poorer coverage guys get put at safety. There's a reason few safeties go high each year.
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    My bad. I think for a 3rd rounder he would be a great pick. I think it's almost imperative we take one in the top 3 rounds, it's such an important position in this new setup.

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