Our o-line?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rlee, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. rlee

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    How many feel comfortable with our o-line? Not me! Can you imagine if we have an injury there? I hope we can trade for at least another guard during training or that one may get cut after June 1.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones........need I continue?
  3. Portland Fanatic

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    we have no depth....and not sure what we have right now.

    Yeah I'm nervous about oline!
  4. whcarm

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    I wouldn't be surprised if we pick up OG Fred Matua from USC with our next pick. We do need some depth at guard.
  5. lostinomiya

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    outstanding disappointment from this draft is our disregard for the OL
  6. JackMagist

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    I am as nervous as a long tail cat ina room full of rocking chairs when it comes to our OL. Behind our starters the only players I have any confidence in are Gurode and Pettiti. Does that tell you how comfortable I am with our OL?
  7. Chief

    Chief "Friggin Joke Monkey"

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    I don't even have any confidence in the starters.
  8. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    If OL wasn't such a big concern, I'd consider this a very good draft.

    My biggest gripe is the complete disregard for the OL. Snagging someone in the 7th round doesn't quite count.

    Picture us going 7-3 again, and the brink of a playoff birth and a possible NFC East title.

    Flo goes down ... and we're back to another playoff-less year.
  9. LaTunaNostra

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    Come on, Chief.:D

    Bill said last season Flo's injury brought him a greater appreciation for the game and for his good luck to be playing it. I think Flo returns rejuvenated and more consistent.

    Fabini will be competent, and Al is reportedly beefing up for those 3-4 noses. Dre made fewer penalties last year than the previous. Pettiti is going to benefit from off season strength training.

    Rivera too has something to prove after his sub par performance last year.

    I have some confidence in the individual cogs...it's how the unit meshes, especially in Larry's absence, that worries me.

    What is this line's 'identity' going to be now...w/o getting too touchy-feely about it...what's it's style going to be? Finesse/ agility or road grading and pancaking? Both?

    BTW, I read somewhere our offensive blocking schemes are more dependent upon recognition (and by extension, smarts) than zone blocking shemes are. Can anyone elaborate on that?

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