Our Offense is the same as last year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DABOYZ, Dec 5, 2005.


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    The only difference is our Defense isn't losing(tiring) in the 4th Quarter.

    The difference in my opinion is that Drew isn't throwing the games away like Vinny did. On the other hand he isn't exactly going out there and winning the close ones either. Our defense has kept us in every game this year. It is easy to see why BP will not totally turn the game over to Drew. He doesn't want a repeat of Vinny T. in Dallas.

    Our record is a little better and so is our defense however our offense is still playing not to lose. Drew did go out there and win one against SF, WOW!!!
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    FWIW-people here are complaining why Bill P never came the "other" Drew a chance.

    Didn't he give him plenty in pre-season? And didn't he look THAT BAD too?

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