Our Problems with Kerry Collins!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jrcowboys, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Seems like Collins always plays great against us. I think I know why, we never pressure him and he gets in rythem. If you notice, Collins has a slow, windup kind of release but can be very effective if he has time.

    Anyway, I can just see him standing back there all day and delivering the ball with no pressure and against a standard zone defense. Maybe Bill will come up with something new to confuse him.

    PS: This is going to be even more difficult because of Moss. He forces you into a zone or double coverage everywhere he goes.

    Let's hope for the best. DB better limber up his arm because we are going to need points.

  2. Galian Beast

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    Collins holds the ball even more than Bledsoe.

    The key to winning this game is definitely defense. A combination of coverage and pass rush.
  3. NorTex

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    What Collins has done against "us" in the past is totally irrelevent at this point.

    We have a new scheme and almost all new personel.

    He's never played against this years defense.
  4. Justis

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    Feh, who gets to sit back behind Oakie's line. We'll get our sacks. We just need to have another San Fran quality game with our offense.
  5. LarryCanadian

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    I agree big time with the original poster. In the past, despite turmoil and previous bad games or seasons of inconsistency, Collins has picked apart our team. The reason. No pressure.

    Yes, our team talent is upgraded, but we better not play conservative. A bunch of blitzes and a bunch of different looks and types of pass rushes would be very helpful. I'm worried because Zimmer's blitzes are rarely creative and we can look darn Vanilla at times.

    I remember watching a bunch of games against Collins when he was with Giants, where he was playing poorly but all of a sudden we went very conservative and he made a couple passes. Then a couple more. All of a sudden he'd be like 10 of 11 passes, or 17 of 20 completed, and into that deadly rhythm the original poster mentioned.

    This is a key to this game. If we let Collins get into rhythm, HE WILL PICK US APART. Plus he's added a deep threat in Moss that also has our number in the past. Our defense better step up. I will be watching the defensive play calling. Zimmer better be ready for this one.

    Just don't let Collins and Oakland get in rhythm. Jam Moss and use creative blitzes. Keep the pressure on. Don't let their race horses Moss, Porter, Gabriel get down the field on us.

  6. Dogstar

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    QB Collins has completed a pass of 50 yards or more in seven of his last 11 games.

    Hold onto Moss and never let him go long! Good punch in the mouth aught to help that.
  7. Justis

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    He's also only one three games in his carrer in Oakland. Forget passes W/L seems to be the stat to keep your eye on.
  8. Hollywood Henderson

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    Yes, good post, Collins has had our number...Didn't matetr the team, but our D scheme did...Yep, you guys guessed it...No pressure...& when it comes, its easily spoted...

    We play pretty good base 3-4 on early downs, but our passive zone has been 4 man rush....Dat & Shanle at LBer...
    Plain Jane...For the last 2 games...

    It all starts up front, We need to pressure the LOS, we need to always have them guess what were doing...We need to dictate PRESSURE...
    Collins is also pretty mobile and can throw on the run...With his weapons, they will beat us if we don't change our passive nickle D...

    My Moss D is JAM him EVERY down with Henry & over the top coverage...
    Everyone else is singles, but I take away their home run & force them into things they don't want to do...

    Stunts to free up everyone on D...I also notice quite often when we blitz, the primary blitzer goes all out and if picked up, were caught "occuping & engaging" with Olineman...EVERYONE needs to have a KILL QB attitude...
    Burnett must see more PT...I think we need to get him in the nickle at least...Were much too slow there now with Dat & Shanle...
  9. Billy Bullocks

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    SF prolly has a better D than Oakland. Besides Woodson, who looks pretty good this year, theres not that much going on for Oakland...jesus, Parrish was all over the place for SF. He's vastly underrated
  10. Sportsbabe

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    Say that again :) I ain't scared of Kerry Collins. This ain't your 5-11 Cowboys he's facing this time around.
  11. DipChit

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    Is that why when Philly played SF they hung 42 on em but when Philly played Oak, they needed all 60 minutes to score 23? ;)
  12. VirusX

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    I'm sure we will get pressure. I think Zimmy and Parcells are working on stunts and blitz packages a little more then normal this week to help our DB's. We have to get pressure to win. We shall see...
  13. rathalarge

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    Good post. Kerry Collins has always lit us up, even when Quincy was able to bring us back on that wonderful Monday night game in 2003.
  14. AmericasTeam31

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    You guys are forgetting Collins had a very strong running game in NY too. We had just as much of a problem with Barber as we did with Collins. This time around the running game just isn't there right now.
  15. AmericasTeam31

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    Collins last 5 games vs. Dallas with the Giants averages

    18-33 217yds. 2TD's 1Int

    I'd take those averages anyday.... 3 times he's thrown 3 TDs but in two of those games he's thrown 2 Int. It's not as bad as you thought.

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