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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigDDynasty, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. dargonking999

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    I think thisgame will show us if our D is really coming together and understanding the system, and the scheme
  2. BigDDynasty

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    Let's get this game started already!!!
  3. WoodysGirl

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    What I saw is Tiki getting a lot of yards going wide. He and anybody else who tried going up the middle got stuffed. Glover and Fergie did their job.

    So if Alexander tries to go wide, the LBs are going to have to have hold containment.
  4. C-BoysFaninMIA

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    man, i neva really thought of that. that is smart. the hawks wr's aren't really special either.
  5. Hoov

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    Tiki had good yards per carry average. True. But the giants couldnt convert 3rd down at all, that is why they didnt kep running him, they never had a sustained drive, they kept going 3 and out and so that is the reason the stats look like he could have had a big day if he got more opportunities.

    Its not that the giant's coaches are morons and couldnt figure out they should run barber, its cause they couldnt get 1st downs so he was getting 1 or 2 carries a possession.
  6. kojak

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  7. parchy

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    I'm watching the game footage right now and they predominantly threw it on 3rd down. We didn't take Tiki out of that game, they did. You can't ever have "shut down" a guy who gets 4.6 YPC.

    They didn't have sustained drives because they used Eli like a crutch, and he couldn't handle it, not because we were stopping Tiki every time he touched the ball. Tiki was gouging the Cowboys early and often, but Coughlin felt that as they continued to fall behind (I'm assuming here), Eli gave them a better chance to succeed with all of their threats over the middle. Both Tiki and Westbrook complained about carries following their games with us... that's just bad play-calling on their part, not great scheming on ours.

    And I don't think we consistantly shut Tiki down in the middle. He got them inside the 3 yard-line on a 13-ish yard run straight up the gut in the 4th, and they then took him out for the ensuing goal line push. Why did they take out a future Pro Bowl running back in a crucial situation like that? Good question, because they weren't giving him the ball consistently all day.

    If you want to say the Cowboys shut down Tiki, go for it, but the guy had Pro Bowl YPC numbers against us last Sunday.

    Edit - Just saying 'they predominantly threw on third down' might throw you off my point. My point is that despite short yardage situations on 3rd downs, most of which would have behooved participation from Tiki, they still threw. Heck, just take a look at their opening drive.

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