Our terrible drafts have put us here

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CyberB0b, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. rocyaice

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    You don't think fatigue played any part of that? Being that he had no one backing him up since all of the linebackers were hurt?
  2. wileedog

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    The problem is we are clearly not getting production out of half our picks. Just because they are on the team does not mean they are very good.
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  3. CyberB0b

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    Guy is 25 and in mid season. If he is fatigued with 11:00 to go in the game, then he has some serious conditioning issues.
  4. dcstands4

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    They tried and we didn't need a stock pile of DE &DT' playing a 3_4
  5. Ender

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    I agree with you. This thread is some what ridiculous. We've drafted a lot of starters out there and a couple of pro bowl caliber players. And Dez is obviously a beast that the yam can't get the ball this year. Particularly in recent games.
  6. perrykemp

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    I don't' have a lot to add to this thread that hasn't been said, however, one draft pack that is demonstrative of the some of the problems the Cowboys are having is Tyron Smith. He obviously a very good player -- however, it's also very obvious he isn' a great player yet and when you take an offensive tackle Top 10 in the draft you are hoping for great.

    He looks the part and can be dominating, however, his game is uneven at times.

    I know we all keep saying he is young, etc , etc and I know this is JUST his 2nd year at LT, however, I guess I am at the point I am no long just assuming Tyron Smith is going to eventually become the Pro-bowl/All-Pro player I thought he would be. I've resigned myself to the fact he's more likely to be a top 50% LT in the league and be happy with that.

    Nothing wrong with a top 50% LT except that Tyron was the top tackle drafted (I believe), a top 10 overall pick, and I think the organization was hoping for more.
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  7. ConstantReboot

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    Don't forget those safeties drafted from small colleges that are athletic but have no experience. Don't know why each year we draft those guys.
  8. Double Trouble

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    Solid? Look at the roster. No depth. With Lee & Ware hurt, what talent was out there on D? Beyond the old Parcells guys and Dez Bryant, who on the offense is better than average? Tyron Smith?

    Most of the units on this team are mediocre, at best. If the last 4 drafts were solid, so would the team be.
  9. RoyTheHammer

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    Romo has had plenty of time to throw for the majority of the season.. and we're 25th in rushing because Murray has been hurt and we have no quality backs to play when he's out. When he's been in, he's been solid for us.

    We had Bass, Crawford, Selvie, and Hayden.. who are all quality depth/rotation guys. 2 of them went down with injury as well, and the other two are having to start full time now because of other injuries.

    Again, when you hit your 17th player at any position group..saying we don't have depth there is showing a lack of basic sensibility.
  10. Ren

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    Our lines suck, Ware is a shell of his former self, right now Hatcher is our only good DL our safety play is average on their best day absolutely not good enough in this league and Lee who got injured (again) is our only good LB. That is why our D sucks that is why it sucked with Ryan and that is why it sucks again with Kiffin. On D we don't have close to enough talent to be better then .500

    On O we have a QB who's checking down all the time and not even looking in the direction of our best weapon, our OL can't run block to save their lives and our WRs and TEs drop more passes then they catch

    I think you are seriously overrating our talent if you think poor coaching is the only thing that stand between us and success. Poor coaching alone doesn't come close to accounting for for 49-17.
  11. RoyTheHammer

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    I think you need to watch the game again.. Bruce was all over the field. I think he finished with like 15 tackles.
  12. Sarge

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    I think people have overestimated the talent, yes. But there are STILL some overestimating the coaching and that boggles my mind. What more do you need to see?
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  13. perrykemp

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    I don't disagree with you Roy, however, relying on a group of 4 starters who's average age was above 30 going into the season AND moving them around from a 3-4 to a 4-3 is a factor in all this.

    The worst case scenario came to pass -- two injured themselves in camp and were done, Ware basically has been fighting nagging injuries all season just like he did the in the 2nd half of 2012. Hatcher has been playing great, however, now has nerve damage in his arm.
  14. RoyTheHammer

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    Even if we lost 3 of 4 starters, i think we still would have had a solid line this year with Ware, Crawford/Bass, Hatcher, Selvie, with Hayden in there as well. Still 6 solid guys to rotate in. Its not like we were just relying on 4 guys to be healthy all year. The amount of injuries we have had on the line is just ridiculous. No one could have predicted that.
  15. IrishAnto

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    And those teams just like the Cowboys are bad to mediocre (unless coached by Bilichick and NE haven't won an SB since 2004).
  16. jnday

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    Glenn and Osemele were the players I was hoping to get. How has this all in approach worked? It hasn't defend drafting Mo if you want, but he is looking like a bust. None of the other players are anything more than low-end starters. You are in a hard position to defend the drafts considering the product and results on the field.
  17. Ender

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    Its going to be a long couple weeks with threads like these. I think its far to reactionary to that horrible loss. But i cant agree with the premise that the last three drafts is that main reason the cowboys are were they are.

    The main reasons this team is here is the GM. Its no getting around it. Everything else is an excuse or further evidence that the GM is inept. From bad signings, to keeping players well past there prime, its all falls on him. We've picked up some really nice players in recent drafts, missed on some as all teams do, but you cant say that the last three drafts have been a failure. I'd be more inclined to say that the last three are four draft from the previous decade are the main reason this team is a complete wreck right now. Jerry is failing this team. everyone knows it but him.

    AS fans we are being held prisoner by the owner. This team is like the clippers, or the raiders, or the dogders with McCourt. Its sad but its the truth.
  18. jnday

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    The oline is terrible at run blocking and pass blocking went out the window with the Waters injury. As for dline, they have not hit on 17 players. These are players that fills a uniform, nothing more. Just because they suit up on Sunday, it doesn't mean that these players are starting quality players. They are playing due to lack of options. Somebody has to play the position. These guys will be working at WalMart this time next year. They have done well considering the lack of talent, but Dallas hasn't hit on 17 players through this process.
  19. CyberB0b

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    Garrett is terrible too. I didn't mean to give him a pass.
  20. Nation

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    Carter packed it in in the 4th quarter but the game was out of reach by then.

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