OU's Kejuan Jones

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by FRDRCK, Dec 16, 2005.


    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    it would be cool to have him as a cowboy since i am a big OU fan but i dont really know if he has nfl potential, he was pretty good the year before AD got there
  2. ddh33

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    I'm a big OU fan...

    Kejuan lacks size and maybe even vision. I think trying to return kicks and punts is going to be one way to make a team, and if he can block and catch, he might have a shot as a third down specialist.

    Most likely, he's a practice squad guy or a junior high coach.
  3. Mr Cowboy

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    I would prefer the FB there at OU...........can't remember his name.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Yeah... JD Runnels...

    Jones I don't think has NFL skills.

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    YEA J.D. Runnels is pretty darn good, his #38 should be retired already
  6. kartr

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    I would prefer Joseph Addai of LSU cause he runs, he blocks and catches passes like a wr, but because of injuries is not a full time guy.
  7. CactusCowboy

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    I am OU grad, have watched Jones, do not believe he will do anything in NFL.
  8. Pokes28

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    There are no Sooners that I like or would like on the Cowboys. NONE and yes this includes Roy. I'd rather have him on our team than any other, but his OU ties make him my least favorite Cowboy and Gibbs is my least favorite coach on our staff for much the same reason.

    David Harrell - Pokes
  9. Dallas

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    Your letting your Whorn hate for OU overshadow any reasonable legitimate player evaluation.

    You name everyone assosiated w/ OU working w/ the Cowboys organization and basically say you hate them.

    That says everything.

    Not take Roy Williams? Thats just idiocy at its finest.

    Gibbs was also offered the DC position at A&M recently. I think he is a pretty good LB coach.
  10. Put Henson In

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    ^ There is a sooner brain for you. He said he is an OSU fan "David Harrell - Pokes" and you associate that with the Horns. Now who is the one with the clouded judgement?

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