Out of the box or not associated with 9th pick

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by loblolly7, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I am not predicting this, but did want to throw out "left field" possibilities.

    1. A. J. Green
    2. Julio Jones
    3. Nick Fairley - he was not in for a visit and rumor has it we have been cool toward him
    4. Cam Newton

    Others such as Von Miller, Marcel Dareus and Patrick Peterson having no chance to be able to fall to the Cowboys at nine. I can't imagine a surprise reach scenario given everyone that what has been dicussed -i.e. an offensive table being a surprise given the constant talk about the need for an OT.
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    if we take a wideout we are the new detroit lions. We took dez last year and traded our first the year before for roy.

    No way in hell jerry takes a wideout. Out of the 4 you listed I can see fairley.
  3. Dash28

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    Green won't be there at 9.

    We won't take Julio.

    Fairley is all but off our board.

    We won't take Cam.

    Of course, this is all IMO. Yes I know this is "out of the box" scenarios.

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