Outrage in North Ridgeville after kittens are killed

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    Outrage in North Ridgeville after kittens are killed


    There is outrage in North Ridgeville over how a Humane Officer removed feral kittens from a resident's woodpile.

    The five kittens were all killed on the spot in a woodpile after the homeowner had contacted North Ridgeville Police for help because the kittens were causing flea problems, a foul odor and were leaving dead animals in the yard.

    Humane Officer Barry Accorti told the homeowner the kittens would be euthanized, to which she said she was fine with, but didn't make it clear that he was going to do it on the spot.

    According to police, the homeowner said she felt overwhelmed due to the fact that her children were inside the residence and heard the gunshots. She urged better communication in the future.
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    This is the solution to most all problems, ... misunderstandings.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    Yep, always the best way to handle problems... shoot them on the spot. SMH.
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    There was no way he could have asked the lady to leave and take her children with her for a little time until he killed them.

    There was no way he could have gathered them up and took them elsewhere to be shot.

    There is no way he could have taken them to the shelter to be euthanized.

    They were terrorists kittens who posed an immediate threat to the officer's life so in order to protect himself he killed them on the spot. :eek::
  5. DallasCowpoke

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    I was waiting for the story to say he just lit the woodpile on fire.

    To be fair, that'd of saved North Ridgeville the cost of ammunition. Hey....we're in a recession here people!!
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    That is actually pretty sad... Why couldn't they have been taken to be injected? these were just innocent little kittens who were shot and killed? Damn sorry that just isn't right at all.
  9. dexternjack

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    The officer won't have that job for much longer as the public pressure grows. City officials say they are behind him, but that will change in a hurry IMO.

    Inexcusable how he did that and saying the shelters were full is a sorry excuse.

    I can't stand cats, but this was wrong.
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    I really wouldn't want a cop with that kind of poor judgment. Makes you wonder how he treats the public.
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    Are those little kittens on your outside grill in your sig?

    (stupid cowboy fans)
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    I have made it clear in other threads that I have no problem killing problem animals, but this was not the way to take care of the problem. I have no problem with killing the cats, but it shouldn't have taken place at the home. I can't stand cats, but damn.

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