Overall, it is a good day!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fortdick, Apr 29, 2006.

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    I don;t have to talk about the Carpenter pick. That has been discussed over and over for the last month. It might have been a reach, but he was the man we needed, and he is ours now. Great pick!

    Fasano was a surprise, but the more I think about it, it makes great sense. HE is Campbell's replacement, but he can catch and is great ATC. With Popcorn and Glenn wide, Witten and Fasano tight, we can run wither side, help in coverage, and most importantly, force defenses to play a lot of nickel.

    Think about it. You have to double T.O. or he will kill you. Glenn now draws single coverage instead of the double he had last year. Witten and Fasano run the quick underneath stuff for first down yardage. Defenses will have to cover them with LB's and at least with Witten, that won't work. Keep in a nickel back and JJ is off to the races.

    The Hatcher pick was also a surprise, but with what I have read about him, he will make Ellis expendable. Canty will be a starter for a while, but this guy can take over in a year or two. Also, the reports say that he can gain weight and not lose speed. Maybe is he a NT in development. He is a little small right now, but with some work he can get in the 305-310 range. His strength is creating havoc at the LOS, and that sounds like a NT to me.

    I still think that safety can be handled in rounds 4-6. But we have Davis, and after a year of experience, maybe he is ready. Most of his getting burned was early in the year and he did show improvement. Besides, we have Marcus Coleman! :D

    To all the naysayers that didn't get their favorite players, sorry. But I like what Bill has done so far. Rounds 2 & 3 didn;t go the way I expected, but the names everyone's been throwing out are still there. After all, a FS is a CB that can't start. Lots of them in rounds 5, 6,& 7.

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