Oxnard Gang Forbidden to Wear Cowboys Attire

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    The town seems to be cleaning itself up before camp begins. But funny...do they think gang members are going to be impersonating players?


    Injunction arrests begin in Oxnard
    By Jessica Keating, jkeating@VenturaCounty
    June 25, 2004

    A preliminary injunction against the largest street gang in Oxnard led to three arrests in the past week, marking the police department’s first attempts to enforce court-ordered restrictions on the Colonia Chiques.

    Oxnard Police Department officials say the arrests demonstrate their commitment to implementing the injunction temporarily approved by a Superior Court judge earlier this month.

    "We had every intention of making arrests," said Sgt. Eric Sonstegard, who supervises the police department’s violent-crime task force.

    "I think we’d be doing a disservice to everybody who has invested time in this if we see people violating the injunction and we don’t make any arrests," he added.

    The first arrest came a week after police began serving suspected gang members with official notice of new rules that restrict certain activities in a 6.6-square-mile patchwork of neighborhoods, parks and businesses designated a "safety zone."

    Ernesto Perez, 20, of Oxnard, was arrested June 18 on suspicion of disobeying the court order. Sonstegard said Perez violated the injunction’s curfew by going out after 10 p.m., police said.

    Three days later, police arrested Leonardo Medina, 22, also of Oxnard, for allegedly disobeying the injunction’s ban on associating with gang members. And on Thursday of this week, Felix Aguilar, 19, also of Oxnard, was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs, a violation of the injunction.

    Among other rules, members of the Chiques cannot make gang signs or wear Dallas Cowboys attire.

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    Hey I'm a Redskin fan, But the little punk gang banger should be permited to wear the cowboy garb.

    It's ironic if they get busted they will be dressed just like so many of the former cowboys.;)
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    Maybe they can share a jail cell with Dexter Manley...
  4. Irving Cowboy

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    Or the other slick... George Starke... believe me, the Skins have their share of convicts.
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    Wait until camp starts, the town will be overrun with Chiques. :D

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