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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Hello Zoners,
    I just returned last night from a great trip to Oxnard to see our Cowboys!
    Here are my random thoughts on Training Camp.
    I was really surprised at the small crowds at training camp. I did not count everyone, however, I am sure the number was much less then prior years…..are California fans losing interest in our team? I say move them back to San Antonio to training camp……ah, being selfish.
    Seriously, due to the weather and the nice grass fields—I see why training camp is in Oxnard. Great place to practice football!
    My wife was talking with Williams, Terrance (this is a very good looking Wr btw….speed….did drop a few but caught a bunch) about Baylor and told him about our daughter just graduated there also……next thing I know, he takes off his glove…..signs it…..and gives to my wife and tells her “give this to your daughter for me”……it was a priceless moment. My wife “will not” give my daughter or me the glove……..she is so excited to have it……lol…..I will eventually have it ;-)
    Ok, the player who caught my attention out of nowhere with “loud hits” after hits…….knocking the ball down……flying all over the place…….seemed like a 5 year Vet ……our scouts knocked this pick OUT OF THE PARK in my opinion…..I cannot wait to Sunday to watch him put the pain to a Dolphin……drum roll ……was Wilcox, J.J. He was so exciting to watch. I spoke with him after one of the practices and said, “JJ, you need to quit hitting our players so hard……they are not used to it”, he laughed and said, “oh, they will get used to it soon”….epic
    I am know on board with our draft team trading down for Center Frederick, Travis dude is a mauler…..plain and simple…..he is strong as a Ox……reportedly slow, but I thought he is very quick and did not seem slow at all…..great feet and he gets to the 2nd level and knocks the LB’s easily out of the play. After watching him in training camp…….I ask would you trade Fredrick and Williams for Floyd? The simple answer is He77 No!
    Escobar, Gavin did not drop a pass and I watched him a lot, however, I did read one story that he dropped a slant ……must have been a really bad pass. Seriously, he is very smooth, quick and above average speed for a TE. I am very excited with his potential.
    Coach Garrett, he came by and shook my hand. He is such a nice and smart gentleman. I told him we really appreciate all his hard work trying to turn our team around, and we really want a Super Bowl this year. He said, “Thank you, and we are really working hard for that goal”. I want to say again, if you have not met Jason before, that you will never meet a better person in your life time then Mr. Jason Garrett. He is the real deal……..
    Weather……man, it was perfect football conditions every practice. I did not want to leave yesterday……almost in tears lol…..when I walked out of the San Antonio Airport and stepped into that heat…..it nearly took my breathe away!
    I did not mention the veteran players, but ROMO looked really good to me…..his play action fakes were spot on……quickest release in the NFL…..accuracy was spot on……no signs of back pain etc…….not sure what Babe saw, but because I respect him so much…..he has me concerned that Romo is hurting. I sure hope he is dead wrong!
    Sean Lee is a pleasure to watch….you have read it all from the professional writers, but, we are so lucky to have this leader on our team……we need it!
    I am so excited about this season…….after watching training camp……reading media reports……here is CrazyCowboys 2013 prediction.
    NFC East Champs at 12-4………and 2013-2014 World Champions……don’t laugh…..I have been right 5 times!
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    Great write up, thanks for sharing that.
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    Great to hear the Boys are looking good. I too cannot wait to see JJ play in preseason and possibly the regular season. We just might have found an answer at safety after all these years. How did Ware look? Keep hearing reports that he looks like a beast, and his self professed best shape of my life.
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  4. WoodysGirl

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    Your enthusiasm is so contagious, CC... Thanks for the report! :)
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    Love hearing the positive reports on JJ Wilcox.

    I've been onboard with this kid since the Cowboys drafted him. I was sold at senior bowl practice, so no shocked here to see his play transfer into training camp.
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    I did not write about the Vets much as our star players are what they are.....stars, however, it was so much fun watching Ware and Smith battle.......from what I saw Ware is back from injury 100 percent....he did not miss a rep while I was there and althought Smith is strong and very good .......Ware wins most of the battles I watched.....but, Smith did very well also against Ware. Obviously, we have two great players there...
  7. CrazyCowboy

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    He is so much fun to speak with......you can tell he loves football and is the RKG for our Coach.
  8. dmq

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    I am concerned about the T Williams drops. He seems to have very inconsistent hands.
  9. DCBoysfan

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    Great write up CC, I love the reports from fans that was at practice first hand.
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    Thanks for the awesome writeup, CC. I'm amped about Williams. I think he's gonna be a beast.
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    Love to hear anything from someone that was there. Nice thoughts CC, I hope your prediction is right
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    Way to be CC! Thanks for your time and efforts on our behalf.

    Our number one fan, hands down...........Good stuff. :)
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    Great job CC!
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    I avoided this year just because of too many people. You say the attendance is down? Hmmm... I don't think they are there for that much longer, but, might just have to take a sick day. :)

    I remember going in the early 2000's, and there wasn't that many people there. It was nice ,not crowded. Last time I went was about 2 yrs , or 3 yrs ago. Place was a zoo.. Had some "diehard" behind me, just spouting off names. LOL, Names of players that were no longer on the Cowboys.. Someone asked him who was number 42.. Guy's all " Oh, that's Chris Warren".. hehehe...

    I left after that. Popularity is good for our Cowboys, but, not so good for us fans. :D
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    Thank you for this great report! I love hearing stories from camp.
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    Gracias CC !!!!
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  17. Boyzmamacita

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    Thanks so much, CC. I love reading people's experiences at training camps and at games. I can't wait for Sunday night to see these young guys for myself.
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    You ought to stop ... LMAO. Good read.
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    Good stuff CC!! I'd give it 10 llikes if I could!
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    I loved hearing the positve report on Garrett. I don't understand why people trash and rag on him so much. Everybody is an individual. I love Jason's demeanor. He's smart, good looking (for a redheaded whiteboy ... that's a joke guys), passionate, professional, etc., etc. All the things you want in a man.
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