P. Manning INT vs Romo's INT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonSucks, Jan 12, 2013.

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    In those 2 SB losses Brady led his team to the go ahead score but the defense couldn't hold them.

    Like someone said Tennessee's championship came with Tee Martin the year after he left.

    Brady has rarely had the ball in his hands, with 2+ minutes left, and thrown an interception in the playoffs.

    Peyton has failed in clutch situations many times in his career but because the media loves him and he bus drove to a SB win he gets a pass.
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    Actually their careers are not that unlike. Peyton struggled in the playoffs for awhile before finally winning one. Maybe Romo will be that way as well. It's not like either one have ever had the most talented teams around them.

    But some here focus too much on one or a few facts rather than looking at the total picture. Peyton gets mention as one of the best QBs to ever play by people watching the game over decades and who know the game. Romo gets approval by a wide variety of persons who should know what they are talking about. They can't all be wrong. Or better yet their opinion means less than the opine of some forum fans. While it's important here for people to be allowed to opine, everyone's opinion is not equal.

    If you put all the great QBs in a lineup in their prime and picked three for your team I'd have a hard time. But I'd really consider Graham, Unitas and P Manning for my team. There are others but you'd do well with those three.
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    Stinger. ..who should start next year for the Dallas Cowboys and how will this talent be acquired? Romo bashers have all the answers, what is yours?

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    The biggest difference between the two is Peyton played well enough for the Broncos to win the game, Romo played bad enough against the Redskins to lose the game. Same story different year for Romo.
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    Kyle Orton or Alex Smith should start for the Cowboys and we should trade Romo for a #1 draft pick to a team like the Chiefs, Cardinals, Bills, Jags, etc. Use that #1 draft pick to help beef up our lines etc. Then once Orton, JG, and Monte fail... we can get better coaching and a top QB out of the 2014 draft.

    Some of you act as if it's impossible to find a QB. Open your eyes... Dalton, Luck, Kapernick, Wilson, RG3, Cousins, etc have all come out of the last few drafts. Romo is 33 years old and still up to his choking ways. We can't count on him for nothing. Time to start looking for his replacement...
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    Really? Two special teams TD's? He had a fumble and threw a pick. He didn't look comfortable all night. And he has the discretion to call the plays at the LOS. Cowboys fans amaze me. But Romo sucked in the rest of the games that the Cowboys needed to win to even be in position for the playoffs right?
  8. ufcrules1

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    Yeah, and 290 yards and 3 td's. He had the game won except for a miracle 70 yard pass play where the Broncos defender was in the perfect position to intercept/knock it down but he slipped.

    It's not like he threw 3 interceptions that were all his fault and buried his team like Romo did. Romo lost that game all on his own.
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    ...playbook don't support your opinion.

    Manning's interception led directly to a TD.

    Romo's int in the Washington game gave them the ball at the 25.

    At the 2:36 mark at 3rd and 7 an incomplete pass was thrown by Griffin, but Hatcher's penalty sealed at two score margin.

    Had it gone to 4th and 7 Shanahan would have taken the 3 pts making it a single score.

    The defence doing it's job would have kept it within a single score which with a kickoff return and the 2:00 warning would have given the team time to get the tying score.

    In fact in both cases the inability of the defence to play to the situation resulted in the loss.

    The Broncos give up a 70 yard pass to at the 30 second mark for the tying score.

    The Cowboys commit a boneheaded penalty after getting the Skins off the field and give up the first down. This came due to defensive pressure that led to a sack.

    Manning earlier fumbles the ball at his own 37 for another score and finally gives up the int that leads the Ravens to their final scoring play with a FG.

    I would say given that summary Manning didn't play well enough to win.
  10. zack

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    Wow. How many games did Romo have the game won and his defense gave up a late TD. Laughable.
  11. davidyee

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    ...performance Manning had a performance that contributed to the loss by the Broncos.

    There is no denying it. Like any team effort you can pick several players on any losing team and say you lost the game for us.

    Manning was involved in three turnovers that led to Ravens points.
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    Makes perfect sense, considering Orton lost his starting job to Tebow & Smith lost his starting job to Kaepernick. :rolleyes:
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    If Romo apologist are saying Payton Manning choked, you're right. So why is it unacceptable to say that Romo choked and always chokes? You can't have it both ways.

    If you don't want to make excuses for other Quarterbacks, stop making excuses for this POC (piece of crap) we have at QB.
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    Really? Piece of crap. Wow pretty tough over there.

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