P90 workout - Questions and comments

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BraveHeartFan, Feb 23, 2012.

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    THank you very much.

    I'm definately going to get it back into the right gear. I'm going to take the next two weeks to not only get my eating back on point but to really go all out on these P90 workouts and then it's time to start Insanity.
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    Good for you!

    Now, my confession.:laugh2:

    I broke down (after chastising you about eating):D I just had to go get something to eat. So, last night while the cooks were grinding seeds and crap...I snuck out, got into my ride and went and got me a Santa Fe burger. It is a hamburger with a fried egg, some jalapenos, and swiss cheese, and what ever else the smear on it....got small fries, too! And a small chocolate shake. It tasted so friggen good! :eek:

    I did my workout this morning. I did cardio I-II again. I like the pace of it because all the moves are the same and while they are teaching, I'm already doing my thing, but faster to see if I can reach 20 before they reach 10...on my abs workout I can reach 20 right away...no hesitation because I already know the moves.


    Maybe next month I'll go get me another one, or something else that makes my teeth sweat.
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    Nothing wrong at all with a cheat meal once in a while. It's actually good for you to do that in fact.

    I've also got some really exciting stuff going on now. I've always wanted to get in with a boxing trainer, for the workouts and to learn, and we found one in our town that is going to do private training with my 10 year old son, wife, and myself 3 times a week. I'm really thrilled about this because I know the cardio work you put into this is amazing.

    I'm also probably going to be taking a Karate/Tae Kwon Do class on Thursday nights as well. Now since I'm limited and can only do it 1 time a week it's obvious it's not going to be something I'm doing to become a master at or anything but I've always wanted to learn some form of martial arts training, because I'm extremely interested in it, and so I'm looking forward to just getting to do something different and learn something new.

    So I'm pretty happy with whats happening at the moment. On the days I won't be doing some form of training I'm of course going to continue with some Insanity workouts. I'll probably take Sunday's completely off with this particular schedule but I'm definately pumped.
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    I'll probably get a nasty remark from the mods for bringing up an old post!:cool:

    Checking in, I took last week off and will the rest of this week. I will start again on the first of June. And it feels good...my body feels really rested.

    I needed some time off because it got to the point that...this is hard!
    :laugh2: Then, I thought, why am I doing this? Why am I torturing my self?

    But, I'm looking for June 1st to come. And, I will be back at it for another month and half. ;)

    And, you can tell BraveHeartfan I said, "Thanks, alot"!

    ;) ;)
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    Sounds great man.

    I started my boxing training today. I think I'm really going to enjoy it.
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    If you mean that CF is like a smartcar...because the people that do them, generally, are ridiculously smug.

    CF is a good workout, but it's nothing you can't do in a regular gym. And the performance is exactly the same as it is in power lifting (which I think is what the 400lb bench refers to). It's training for one specific thing, CF. It's performance for performance's sake, imo, which doesn't make it any different than bodybuilding to me.
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    Got my boxing training in again today. I've been really lax lately on updates and truth be told it's because I've been slacking quite a bit lately as far as working out goes. I started my boxing training last week, had two sessions, and got my third in this week. This week was the first week I could set the schedule up to do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    That's the schedule I want for the boxing training. Now I'm about to get me a new membership, very soon, to a really quality gym in our town and I'm gonna start lifting on Tuesday, Thursday's, and Saturdays.

    I'm going to start taking Sunday's off, outside of when I'm playing Flag Football. Of course on my weight lifting days I'll also being hitting some cardio work so I'll be working out, in some fashion, 6 days a week.

    I've slid on the eating and sodas lately as well but I'm putting that back on track as well. Just trying to get reorganized.

    With my P90 being done I realised, that last month, that I simply don't have heavy enough weights at my house for those workouts to be as effective as I'd like. I'll have my P90x workout sheets that I can use at the gym, which is a much harder workout than the P90 I did to get myself going again, but I believe before I step into that one I've decided I want to really work this excellent workout system I saw on Body Building.com from Jim Stoppani called his 12 Week Short Cut to Size.

    Now out of the gate let me say that I'm not doing it because I think it's actually going to be some magical short cut or anything. It won't.

    But reading all about it, and watching his videos on it, it's a dang fine put together program with a bunch of prinicples that absolutely make perfect sense.

    In fact it's got quite a bit of the P90-P90x priniciples that they build upon in this program. It just looks like a quality program.

    Now it's a 4 day split workout. Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday with weekends off.

    So I'm not sure how I'm going to put the 4 in so I guess I'm likely going to have to tweak it somewhat to put the Thursday-Friday workout into 1 workout. You can't do everything from both days on 1 day, or you'd kill yourself, so I'm gonna have to tweak it some but I'll figure that part out as I go.
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    I have 12 stupid pounds that i've been trying to get rid of for months but I kill myself on the weekends. It's time to get rid of it so i'll report it in this thread.

    Weekends are going to be the killer. If not for the weekends I would've had this 12 lbs lost 3 months ago.
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    DallasEast will probably blow a gasket for bringing up an old post, but...

    Checking in on my P90 workouts. I'm still working out, but have changed from five days in a row to every other day. That makes me feel/heal better and faster. It will take me longer than 90 days, but, at least I will get in all the workouts.

    Up until two week ago I was using different weights for the various weight training, but since then I started using the resistance bands! I have to tell you...those damn things work! It seems harder and harder everytime I use them, and it feels good, but burns at the same time. Also, I'm able to do the yoga without looking like a baby deer that is trying to stand up without losing it's balance!

    I have also started to eat what I normally used to eat somewhat. I have lost so much weight that I need to not only get strong, but, now, I think I need to gain a little weight. :confused: I'm a lean person to begin with, except around my belly and chest which I lost most of my fat. I look good, but look skinny...at least to myself. However, I have good muscle tone that I have not had in a long time.

    It's funny, because the first month and a half I lost some fat, but gained 4 or 5 pounds...but now I am losing weight again. I cannot understand that?

    But, I'm going to keep on keeping on until I finally finish this routine.

    Then, BraveHeartFan and I are going to have a big talk! :mad: (torture me like this, and I don't take this lightly BHF)!
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    Weekends are easily the hardest part of keeping yourself on track. I understand that fully.

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