Pacman Jones pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

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    Pacman Jones pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

    By LISA CORNWELL, Associated Press
    25 minutes ago

    CINCINNATI (AP)—Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

    Jones entered the plea in Hamilton County Municipal Court just as his non-jury trial was scheduled to begin. A second misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest was dismissed in a plea agreement with prosecutors.

    Judge Brad Greenberg ordered Jones to serve a year of probation, complete 50 hours of community service and pay a $250 fine plus court costs. Jones could have received a maximum jail sentence of 30 days.

    Jones, 28, was accused in court documents of being disorderly, shouting profanities and trying to pull away as officers arrested him at a downtown bar in July.

    At the time, Jones was on probation in Las Vegas in connection with a 2007 no contest plea to a strip club melee that left three people wounded. He was ordered in November to perform an additional 75 hours of community service for violating that probation with the Cincinnati arrest.

    Jones apologized in court to police for his conduct and said he realized that he “could have handled it a whole lot better.” The judge told Jones that he did not know how “someone with your ability risks your career with this type of behavior.”

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    Sane old PacMan.
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    You can't fix stupid :jackpot:
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    Shouldn't it read 'former Cowboy' Pacman Jones? :)
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    Damn, he is still only 28?

    Sane? hah NOT! :laugh2:
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    Haha I meant same he is definitely not sane. He's insane. :laugh2:
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    team chemistry is overrated - Jerry Jones
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    I mean everyone is so :eek: i tell you. i mean he is such a model citizen:rolleyes:
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    Could someone please stick a fork in this dude?

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