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    Posted Dec 5, 2012

    Geoff Hobson Editor

    Jones says it's a cut-and-dried contrast from what he had in Dallas in 2008. He's appreciative for owner Jerry Jones giving him a shot coming back from his 2007 NFL suspension, but it ended badly after he played in just nine games when he was cut after an odd incident with a security guard assigned to him. Adam Jones says that's the public reason he was cut and that there were other things at play.

    What everyone can agree on is that Jones didn't play well and there are those in Dallas that say he was going to get cut anyway, simply on performance alone.

    "I was horrible in Dallas and the coaching was horrible, too; from the top down," Jones said. "Zim is a demanding guy. He's a technique guy and with me being a raw athlete, that's the type of guy I need around me. The Zimmers, the Marvin Lewises, the guys that keep you grounded, that keep you in shape. Some guys get comfortable and let your technique lapse. These guys stay on you."

    Newman was there in 2008 and says that Jones himself will say he wasn't in shape. Newman has also seen how much Zimmer has meant to Jones's play.

    "That was a different situation. He wasn't ready for that situation, mentally or physically," Newman said. "He has a lot of respect for Zim. Zim is the ultimate technician. No matter who plays his defense, technique is always going to be prominent. With that type of coaching, there's no reason he shouldn't be a great one."

    Adam Jones doesn't hide his desire to play well against the Other Jones's Cowboys. He says the only friend he's got over there is "No. 21," cornerback Mike Jenkins, a rookie when Adam Jones was there.

    "I'm thankful for everything (Jerry Jones) has done for me," Adam Jones said. "The way the situation played out, I didn't agree with it. He had to do what was good for his organization, which I respect. I have no hard feelings.

    "I love Jerry with all my heart. I’m not going to get into what I don’t like about him but it’s not about Jerry. He’s done a lot for me. I’m a Bengal and I would like to stay a Bengal for the rest of my career but we’ll see how that goes. Right now I’m playing hard and on Sunday I’ll have a double chip on my shoulder. I’ll just go out and let the game come to me … it’s one of those that means a little more on the edge that you want to win. You don’t prepare any different but deep down in your heart you want this one."

    He is, Adam Jones says, a much different guy than the Cowboy of 2008. This is no longer the poster child of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's campaign to clean up the league off the field. To a new generation of players, he's the guy that made such a stirring presentation at the last NFL Rookie Symposium on what not to do.

    "Every team that we’ve played, I’ve had a rookie come up and say they appreciate me speaking to them," Jones said. "My mindset during Sundays is so crazy, nine times out of 10 I ignore them. But it's pretty good.”

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    What a complete idiot Pacman is.

    If anyone heard the Zimmer interview yesterday, they started out asking about Newman, and Zim had nothing but praise for him. Then they asked about Pacman and it was the complete opposite. Said Pacman was so bad and so out of shape at his first workout that he told him he was wasting his time and was going home. Said the only reason he even gave him another shot is that Deion promised he'd be in shape if he gave him one more shot. Zimmer said he still had issues with Pacman sometimes and said if he didn't do things exactly the way he wanted, he's be shipped out immediately. And Pacman knew he meant it and that was the only reason he toed the line. Sounded like he still didn't trust him much.
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    You were horrible here.

    Trying to compete with TO in practice, like you actually had a chance.

    You screwed up in Tennessee, and that was it for you.
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    You are correct.

    In the link, they had quotes from Zimmer expressing that opinion, I just didn't include them.

    Very long article....
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    The guy literally wasted the prime years of career acting a fool. He was truly on the verge of being one of the very few elite CBs in the league in Tennessee. I was hoping he would rebound in Dallas, but we know the story there...
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    Pacman didn't come here on his own, the amazing GM brought him here. I guess the GM didn't bother working him out to see if he was in shape.

    I love our GM, and our losing tradition.
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    Should be all the supporters to resign Jenkins need to know.
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    I'm happy he has a job and is doing well no matter how or why he gets there. I do hope he doesn't beat us though.
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    the bold part is the only part that matters out of this entire interview. even if it comes from a bonehead like pacman, but if he is even saying the coaching is/was horrible, doesn't seem like much has changed
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    Lol at the shot at dave campo. I can't believe we kept that loser around so long.
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    Pac man is not that good and never has been........
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    The fact that he was bad here is NOT my biggest issue...the fact that JERRY protected him like he was the next coming of Deion...and someone please correct me if I am wrong....but JERRY was the one pushing for Pac Man to be on the field. THAT is what should concern Cowboys fans. Notice I did not say surprise Cowboy fans...because some of us feel like we know this type of stuff has been going on in Dallas. Even as recent as THIS year.
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    PacMan was a very good player in Tennessee.
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    PACMAN is a complete joke and will get exposed Sunday by Dez and Miles.

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