PACMAN update roster spots up for grabs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I think we'll get Pacman, hence my DREAM DRAFT, Dream draft YET totally realistic!

    #22 W.R. Devin Thomas
    #28 R.B. Jonathan Stewart/ if he's gone Felix Jones

    2nd round: W.R. Mario Manningham- falls cause of weed and speed question marks, but most college kids smoke weed, it was apparently two years ago the last time he smoked, and his speed in GAME TIME SPEED is fast no matter what his combine time.

    Lets face it, Owens is 35, Crayton is more of a 3rd W.R., and we ain't got much else although I like Hurd and Stanback is a question mark, so I could see us taking VALUE in round 2 and since it's ALL ABOUT ROMO, why not give him yet another weapon?
    Picture Owens on one side Thomas on the other and Manningham in the slot!

    3rd Round: C.B. Zach Bowman

    4th Round: S.S./F.S. Bobbie Williams

    5th Round: Pacman Jones

    6th Round: C./G. Fernand Velasco

    7th Round: D.T. Ropati Pitoitua

    Overall haul!


    W.R. Devin Thomas
    W.R. Mario Manningham
    R.B. Jonathan Stewart
    G./C. Fernand Velasco

    C.B. Pacman Jones
    C.B. Zach Bowman
    S.S./F.S. Bobbie Williams
    D.T. Ropati Pitoitua

    We'd be SET on offense at EVERY SKILL Position for Romo's career!
    Meaning for the rest of Romo's career, all we have to draft is O-lineman and DEFENSE! LOL
    Plus we'll be adding TWO top W.R.'s to what was an already explosive offense, and we got a great compliment to Barber who could be better then Barber and a much needed backup center.

    Defensively we add Pacman to be our 3rd C.B. and punt/Kick returner plus we get Bowman who is a 1st round talent and a just in case for Pacman, plus we fill Keith Davis shoes with a versatille safety in Bobbie Williams and a nice D.T. prospect in Pitoitua who's 6'-7 300 pounds.

    We fill our biggest needs, we get TWO C.B.'s we need in Pacman and Bowman, we get another safety to round out the secondary, we got some real WOW on offense by adding two top W.R.'s and of course a top R.B. to boot!

    You just add Pacman and Bowman to our defense last year and we are in the superbowl, now add THREE TOP PLAYERS to our already explosive unstoppable offense and we just wont' be stopped this year!

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