Palin to Spoof Tina Fey on SNL

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by irvin88, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Take that, Tina: Palin wants to spoof her spoofer

    October 6, 2008

    BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist
    It's looking more and more likely that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on ''Saturday Night Live'' -- to have some fun with Tina Fey.

    As the comedian's impressions of the GOP vice presidential candidate draw laughs from Republicans and Democrats alike, a top honcho from the John McCain campaign tells me there's a debate going on about how to respond.

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    Actress Tina Fey (left) performs comedic impressions of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live." But Palin may be working on a spoof of Fey's American Express commercials.

    Some key McCain staffers are content with Palin joking about the "SNL" routines on the campaign trail -- as when she scribbled "I'm not Tina Fey" on a supporter's cell phone and said she'd dressed as Fey on Halloween. But others -- including the governor herself -- think a return punch on the NBC airwaves is what's needed.

    I'm hearing some sort of Palin tweak of Fey's American Express commercials is in the works.

    While next weekend's ''Saturday Night Live'' will be a rerun, it is possible Palin could appear Thursday on the first of NBC's ''Weekend Update'' specials in prime time.

    Otherwise, the next orginal "SNL'' show will be broadcast Oct. 18, a little more than two weeks before the election.
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    They did that with Bob Dole IIRC...

    It's a good idea... and will be well-watched...

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    Sure why not.... Bill did the sax thing on Arsenio :D

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    Just don't come out there with flaming battons there Sarah.

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    Bob Dole was great in it.

    Poor Bob Dole...really liked that man but he was just never going to win that election.

    Good man though.
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    Will Palin be doing the spoof with the volume all the way down. :laugh2:

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