Palmerio being investigated by congress

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    Palmeiro to be investigated for possible perjuryAssociated Press
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    WASHINGTON -- Congress will investigate whether baseball slugger Rafael Palmeiro perjured himself when he told a House committee that he hadn't taken steroids.


    With the player's consent, Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, and the committee's ranking Democrat, Rep. Henry Waxman of California, asked Major League Baseball on Wednesday to turn over information about the failed drug test that resulted in a 10-day suspension for Palmeiro this week.

    On March 17, Palmeiro appeared before their panel and, pointing a finger in the air, said under oath, "I have never used steroids. Period."

    "As a practical matter, perjury referrals are uncommon," Davis told The Associated Press. "Prosecutions are rare. But this is a high-profile case, so I think it will get an honest look-see. I don't think anyone can avoid it."

    "If we did nothing," he added, "I think we'd look like idiots, don't you?"
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    Would some one tell them that both sides look like idiots. MLB for being so soft all the way around and congress for waisting time better spent on other things.
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    My question is if he tested positive in May why wait until Aug to suspend him? and yes he knew back in May he tested positive thats when he was told by MLB...
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    My guess is he thought maybe MLB would let him off the hook if he went and perjured himself on their behalf...

    Now he's in big trouble...
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    He was fighting it and he was also chasing 3000 hits :D
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    Baseball sucks! Nuff said.

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