Parcells: Bledsoe will start; no decision on T.O. yet

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    Parcells: Bledsoe will start; no decision on T.O. yet

    Bill Parcells just wrapped up his second-to-last news conference from Oxnard, Calif.
    Despite a valiant effort by one longtime beat writer, Parcells wouldn't provide a nice summary of camp.

    Instead, he focused on the beautiful weather here and how it helped prevent some of the headaches that a lot of teams across the league are dealing with.

    Now, here's a rapid-fire breakdown of what Bill said: He indicated that Drew Bledsoe would start against the Saints on Monday and would be relieved by Tony Romo. Asked if rookie Matt Baker would receive any time, Parcells said he didn't know.

    We haven't seen Drew Henson throw a pass in a meaningful drill (weird phrase) in three days. Even his biggest defender, owner Jerry Jones, said yesterday that he expected more from Henson at this point. This marked the first time I can recall the eternal optimist saying something like that regarding Henson. Why will he remain on the roster? Maybe the club doesn't want to take a big salary-cap hit...

    Parcells said he didn't know whether Terrell Owens would play Monday. He said he would monitor his progress over the next three practices before making a decision...Today's Overlaughter Award goes to radio play-by-play man Brad Sham, who nearly fell out of his chair when Bill Parcells asked if we'd been canoeing...

    Grabbing some quick lunch and will be back with more.


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