Parcells magical 7th round...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Big Country, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Big Country

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    I'm just going completely on trust here!!??

    Here we are now at Parcells' magic 7th round... Dallas has pick 212 and 224 in the 7th... I guess I'm not too worried because with names like Troy Brown, Ryan Young, and most recently, Patrick Crayton and Jay Ratliff... all are considered players in my book and were 7th round selections at the Parcells draft table.

    Dallas hasn't selected ONE offensive lineman yet and I was so sure all the time leading up to the draft we'd at least have selected ONE first day offensive lineman... no Justice, no Lutsui, no McNeil, no Gilles (Jabba the Hut) ... not even Jon Scott and he was a 2nd day pick... We however have filled OLB, S, and NT, with plenty more depth at DL...

    What's left as far as offensive line talent??? Please throw me a bone!!:confused:
  2. jbsg02

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    kai parham still on the board...
  3. SMCowboy

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    Don't forget Rob Petitti. While alot of people want to rag on him, he was good enough to atleast start all 16 games for us as a rookie.
  4. Big Country

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    Yep, there isn't any way for him to go but up... I hope for a much improved offensive line... MUCH IMPROVED!!:laugh1:
  5. 2much2soon

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    And maybe BP has a tip about a June 1 cut offensive lineman he wants?
  6. Rack Bauer

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    We need to draft Fred Mutua and Hank Baskett with our last two picks, if they're available.
  7. kingwhicker

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    Just as an aside, but you know, they should consider these drafts 8 rounds, because once you figure in the compensatory picks that's what it comes out to: 255 picks, 32 teams=7.97 rounds.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Mutua would be an interesting pick.
  9. T-Bone 625

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    Spitz - OG
    Strief - OT
    Setterstrom - OG
    Stenavich - OG
    Mutua - OG
    Levey - OT
    LeVoir - OT

    These are some options in the 7th for OL.
  10. jazzcat22

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    the Ticket was just saying, keep an eye on any of the local players Dallas brought in for a look. Crayton, Reeves, Nate Jones were all 7th rounders that they brought in. Usually they bring in local players, including Missouri, Oklahoma, Loiusiana college players or players that went to high school in this area for a day to work out.

    Maybe a CB/ST and an OL, or 2 OL would be nice.
  11. Big Country

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    I sure hope we get a couple of big dudes for offense...

    In all truthfulness

    Flo should be back... hopefully 100% by TC...
    Kosier makes it easier in the screen game at LG...
    Hopefully this is Gurode's breakout dominating year...
    Johnson gets better at guarding the NT bull rush...
    Rivera shows last year was a fluke having hurt his back last summer, he comes back with a vengeance...
    Crapshoot at RT... Petitti should be better period... Columbo was a 1st round pick... Fabini is a veteran and recovered from his injury.
  12. peplaw06

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    Paul McQuistan?? OT Weber State.... i'm reading he's a project with upside. Obviously though if he's a 7th rounder.
  13. mahmanTO

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    what about........marcus vick with our last pick?
  14. iceberg

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    oh yea - we don't have enough rejects, castoffs and patches on this line!!!!

    we pretty much took 2nd tier players during FA and in the 7th round we take who most considered a undrafted FA.

  15. zrinkill

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    I agree with the sigh ...... :rolleyes:
  16. Rack Bauer

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    What about NO?
  17. T-Bone 625

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    It's Pat McQuistan we drafted...not Paul. Paul is the one we have heard about before. Pat is his brother. Hopefully they saw something when they were looking at Paul on film. I think NO screwed us by taking Strief one pick earlier. He is the OT I was hoping we would get when I looked at who was available in the 7th.
  18. Seven

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    I just can't jump on the optomists OL band wagon.

    FLO.....Hopefully. He's still slow.
    Johnson...Crapshoot. And was also LBers "bullrushing" Johnson last year.
    Rivera....Hopefully. Comes back with a vengeance...Hopefully.... He's old.
    Petitti....Has a long, long, long way to go. Super-double crapshoot.
    Fabini....hopefully. Completely recovered....hopefully. Doesn't
    Sorry Aard. Your truthfulness is homerism at it's finest. Not saying it's a bad thing but there wasn't much truth to your offensive line critique.:eek::
  19. btcutter

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    That's because of our sorry OL. It really didn't speak much about Petitti. That's why I am still pissed we didn't address this pathetic OL earlier.
  20. Sarge

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