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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cbz40, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Cbz40

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    We didn't finish the deal.

    Gave up the two big plays

    Told the team not to let this kind of loss get them down. The nature of the NFL

    We had two chances to put the game away and did not
  2. kingwhicker

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    Well, there are two possible outcomes for this team. 1) they suck it up and keep fighting and get better or 2) this is the Pittsburgh game all over again and they roll over and play dead the rest of the year. That said, this has to be one of the worst losses in franchise history, to be beaten with the same play twice in the last 3 minutes and change. I fault the offense on this too, they had SEVERAL chances to put this game away and couldn't get the job done.
  3. Cbz40

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    This is a young team......they will learn from this.

    I would bet they suck it up
    and move on.
  4. JohnsKey19

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    oh yeah. completely forgot about the Pitt loss last year. next sunday's game should be interesting. We'll see just how much of a team we are.
  5. calico

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    I think this will help the team focus more for the rest of the year. Whenever they think it is in the bag, they just have to be reminded of this.
  6. Cbz40

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    Lesson #1...You have to pley for 60 minutes not 55.

    I hope the coaches have learned to go for the jugular.....instead of running 3 plays into the line.
  7. sacase

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    finaly some rational posts. :)
  8. TwoDeep3

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    Wait...where was Parcellscomments on Zimmer being a bad defensive coordinator?

    And Payton calling the game too conservatively.

    And the penalties that weren't called which would have caused us to win?

    Oh, he didn't mention those?

    I guess he doesn't agree with fans then.

    We lost because our players are young and have to learn how to put other teams away.

    Maybe we should be stand-up guys and realise this is one of sixteen and not start acting like REDSKIN FANS and make excuses and point fingers.
  9. ghosttown cowboy

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    I thought the holding call on Flozell on KJ first down catch was bogus!!
  10. TheHustler

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    Coaches don't call out players for missing plays, can you imagine the kind of turmoil that would create?

    We fans however, can call it as we see it.
  11. smashmouth

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    You have to put this game on Parcells, I'm sorry.

    We had coaching deficiencies from the beginning. Remember this people, we didn't score a touch down on offense. Does that bother you?
  12. SultanOfSix

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    Holy ****. I thought we would have learned this by now. It's just another 4th quarter collapse in my book.

    The players talk about holding SD and how it's a confidence booster, then blow this game. It's just mind boggling.

    I'm beginning to blame Zimmer for this now. Put me on the anti-Zimmer bandwagon.
  13. Rack Bauer

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    Yes cuz Parcells is the type to blame people in front of the media, even if all those were true. I had no problem with the offensive playcalling. None whatsoever. But it was obvious we couldn't get to the QB unless we blitzed, and what do we do on defense down the stretch? Let our front 4 play patty-cake with the Redskins' OL and give Brunell all the time he needed to throw the ball. It's not only the players that don't know how to close a game. The DCoord should of forced Brunell to get rid of the ball quickly by blitzing. We have those 3 CBs, they can at least cover for 2 seconds. But NO CB is gonna be able to cover for 4-5 seconds regularly. Our pass rush was horrible down the stretch. Ware played soft... check that, he played EXTREMELY soft the whole game. He kept half *** jogging at Samuels then just locking up with him instead of DICTATING to him what he wanted to do. He showed no heart. I think he may be TOO nice of a guy. Haley he is not. Haley was an a-hole, but it was that attitude that made him a great pass rusher, a relentless pass rusher. I haven't seen anything resembling "relentlessness" out of Ware yet, and that includes the preseason. You can finesse a tackle and get away from time to time, but for the most part you gotta cowboy up and go kick the tackles a**.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    It all starts at the top. He got out coached the last 5 minutes.
  15. Rack Bauer

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    Sorry, CBz, but this is crap. When you have a 13 point lead (or 10 pt lead at one time) and your defense has been playing good, then you play it safe. Remember the Pitt game last year? 3rd and long, we have a lead, and we come out throwing... you remember what happened. Parcells was trying to avoid that cuz our D was playing good.

    "Was" being the key word.
  16. CaptainAmerica

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    Agree Ware was either gassed or he was simply dominated by a good, but not great OT tonight. No way he is another LT. better stop using that comparison.
  17. TwoDeep3

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    So the Canty sack with Spears cleaning up was a blitz?

    Nope. It was the front four without any help from the linebackers or DBs.
  18. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I could have sworn Terry Glenn plays on offence but maybe I am mistaken.
  19. DMX690

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  20. Martice

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