Parcells Plays with Rogers, Ngyuen,Al Johnson

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthDalal, Aug 13, 2005.

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    So week one Preseason Head games all over the place.

    1.) Rogers takes a day off to get an MRI on his shoulder, which proves to be negative,next day Parcells fails to mention him in a PC analysis of line positions, now Pettiti starts. Read Parcells annoyed.

    2.) Shanle and Bradie James have been stroked all TC and it's clear that the inside guys in he 3-4 need to be bigger. Read: lighting a fire under a slightly undersized veteren.

    3.) Gurode moved to center, this low-confidence mistake-prone drafting error of an OL is now extolled by the more gullible and lazy members of the beat writers as looking "more comfortable" Read: we've never liked Al Johnson's off-season workout dedication.

    4.) Crayton is pressuring for the #3 WR spot. "Parcells rooting for Crayton-this Tuesdays PC.Pressure on vet Quincy Morgan who is playing through a subtly announced mini-camp shoulder injury, which they initially suggested would require post-season surgery.

    There is lots more the net though is don't trust anything they put out any more Preseason games are underway.

    Ellis and Glover are still two of out top three DL's. Dat Starts, Rogers has to learn to play through the shoulder problem.Gurode and Tucker and Tyson Walter (don't forget him) are competing for their NFL life with Petitti, Noll and Vollers.Anthony Thomas is in trouble. Keith Davis must step up.

    Copper needs to do something as Crayton is a solid #4 with a bullet on a team that says they're going to run alot of two tight end.

    Let's watch it unfold, discard most of the Parcell's misinformation-starting tonight.
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    Al Johnson is one of the players who is MOST dedicated to working out.

    Remember, he's the one of whom Parcells said, "He has been back there in that weight room so much with Joe Juraszek (strength and conditioning coach) that he has Joe completely wrapped up in his pocket. He can go in Joe's locker; he knows where everything is. He can go in Joe's wallet. He can go in the fridge. He can go where 99 percent of the players can't go. He has carte blanche they've been together so long back there."

    Gurode starting tonight is most likely about Parcells wanting to see Gurode working against "starters," rather than scrubs whom he should dominate.
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    Tonight is ALL about player evaluation.

    Although I would still like to see the Cowobys win.
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    I think the main issue with Al Johnson is whether he has the size and strength to go up against monster NTs who line up directly over the center. His weakness is making 1-on-1 blocks against DL in the running game. He does well in pass protection and is good at making blocks in space on the LBs.

    The only thing BP wants out of him is probably some more size. It may be that Al is at his physical limit for putting on more mass without resorting to chemicals.
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    I don't think it is unreasonable to think that Parcells is trying to actually find out how Gurode will play at center. Gurode did pretty well at center his rookie year and only started to bomb when he was moved to guard.

    I can see us carrying both of these guys and playing the bigger stronger Gurode when we go against a 3-4 base D and playing smaller quicker Johnson against base 4-3 teams. Parcells is not above having situational starters.
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    The media doesn't like Al Johnson because they think he looks small.
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    I think you have got the idea..

    While I think it's great to have your starters, more and more in this league, it's almost impossible to count on a starter doing 16 games or having them be effective for 16 games week-in-week-out.

    You have to get guys ready to step in and give others a breather or absorb an injury from a starter and not fall off.

    So BP is doing this. Jimma used to do this all the time.

    I don't see Morgan losing to Crayton or those other guys. Maybe from injury, but not otherwise. I still believe he's a little dinged and BP knows it and isn't mad or anything but he does want to get the guys behind him ready incase Morgan can't play 100%.

    Same thing with Al Johnson. Center is one of the critical positions for the offense and getting two guys ready to play and spell each other and be ready to step in make every sense. Johnson is only one year removed from his knee injury which he he did well on, but the staff may know he still has some issues that affect him always being 100%.

    So playing Guerode seems very smart indeed at several levels.

    It's not so much who starts, it's who's playing best and if they aren't playing well for some reason, there is somebody ready to play if needed. You don't have to wait until the next game to get somebody else ready.

    They can just go right in.

    I'm willing to guess the same thing at RT. Out of Rodgers, Vollers and Tucker and possibly some FA they might pickup if somebody gets cut at the end of Pre-season or a trade then possibly after they see who steps up or not, we may see a changing situation there too.

    They may all start at times and that's not a bad thing as long as they all get practice time in with the starters and learn what to do. Imagine the problems for the other team if at a couple of positions or more on offense, the opposing defensive or offensive players have to watch film of several players each week instead of focusing on just one.

    That's a good thing, as long as the guys playing are capable of performing.

    I'd also like to see more substitution in the 2nd Qt. and 3th Qt. to keep OL guys fresh and be able to play well to to start games fast and close games out being fresher over the course of the year and less prone to injuries due to fatigue.

    Something we haven't had in years. Good depth and using it to win games.
    I am very much opposed to moving LA over to RT at this point. Moving him means too much uncertainty at LG and until we know Flozell is back and ready to be a force instead of what we saw last year..then putting somebody like Peterman or somebody else could spell disaster on the left side.

    Overall, at this point in the year, I think we've all seen that BP plays mind-games and tries to motivate players who seemingly aren't destined to be starters in September to push for another level and to get starters worried about not being starters.

    Works for me.


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    And who can forget the infamous sobriquet "he's like a trained pig" that Tuna bestowed on his furiously rehabbing Workout Wonder an offseason ago.

    Where this myth sprung up Al is a slouch...who knows?
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    Its simple most people have been so ingrained into thinking zero sum duality.

    If Gurode is playing well then of course that means that Johnson is doing poorly somehow.

    If Romo throws a TD pass then Henson better go looking for a job.

    The list goes on and on and I am not going to mention the most inflammatory example of this, but heres too hoping that theyre both good.
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