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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Vman, Sep 2, 2005.

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    (To the best of my ability. I could barely hear the reporters questions.)

    Bill: I'm glad we were able to win this last one. I saw some good things tonight. And, we got out of the game healthy which is big. And I think, we should be in pretty good shape physically to get ready for San Diego. Got to play some of these young guys quite a bit tonight that I hadn't seen like Spears and couple of those guys. So, you know it's just the preseason but we ran the ball good. I'm happy about that. Thought that our first offense was pretty sharp early on. Players are off tomorrow except for the ones who are coming in for treatment. We'll have a squad meeting Saturday but we're not gonna have practice. I'll be available to the press tomorrow at 1:30. Questions?

    Reporter: Tyson Thompson make the team?

    Bill: Yeah. He's going to San Diego too! He's going. I'm taking him. Quite a story. Quite a story - really. I'm proud of the kid. Comes from Dallas day(?) to - he did a good job.

    Reporter: Did you tell him on the sidelines?

    Bill: Yeah, I told him. Yeah, that's right. He's pretty good.

    Reporter: Was that real good for you to do that for a guy in that situation?

    Bill: I just do what I think is appropriate - most of the time. Not all of the time. Every once in a while I go off the reservation.

    Reporter: What has he done right, Bill?

    Bill: Just hadn't missed a practice. Tried to learn what to do, you know. Extra meetings with coach (Anthony) Lynn. Every day extra meetings with coach Lynn. So, I'll tell ya what - he's a real threat. So, we're gonna take him.

    Reporter: Where does that leave Barber?

    Bill: Well, I don't know where that leaves him. Don't worry about it. Okay?

    Reporter: What did you think of the way Thomas ran the ball?

    Bill: Good....Good.

    Reporter: Did you want to get Barber in the game?

    Bill: Well, I could have but, ya know, I just didn't do it. I mean I don't think he would have been 100%. You know, if something would have happened to him, you guys would have had a field day. So, right now, he's going to have to work his way back into the rotation - cause he's not in it right now!

    Reporter: How tough is your job now - deciding who stays and who goes?

    Bill: Tough. Very tough. I told the team there everybody - you know - they gave me a good camp and a lot of guys tried very hard and that's all I can ask. But, I just think we're starting to see some things I like. Now we got - we got a lot of inexperience on defense - we're gonna do some dumb things - we did some dumb things tonight. Now your guy you put in Canton two weeks ago - he's responsible for 10 points tonight. Okay? For them! Okay? He knows what they are. So, anything else? I'd like to go home fellows.

    Reporter: How'd Spears look to you?

    Bill: He looked pretty good. I'm glad he got a lot of plays. I'm pretty pleased with the overall condition of my team. The only guy I only got 8 or 9 plays for was Jason Ferguson. And I don't know where he is physically. I know his weight is down pretty good. So, I just don't know where he is right now. But I think he is - he didn't get hurt tonight so he should be pretty much 100% by Monday.

    Reporter: ...did you expect Ware to play that much tonight?

    Bill: Today? Well, I only got 4 guys. So, I played them quite a bit and then I put Ogbogu in there as a linebacker tonight. You saw him kind of playing linebacker some of the time.

    Reporter: Do you have a better idea of your kickers?

    Bill: Well, we'll have to talk that over a little bit. I can't tell ya now, but I might have something for you tomorrow - I'm not sure. We're gonna work-out some more kickers. Okay? Shortly here. I'll let ya know.

    Reporter: Is there a decision on Ferguson in terms of starting at nose for San Diego? Are you gonna wait and see how it goes or are you...

    Bill: No, I'm starting Glover.
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    I heard it live but thanks for the recap VMAN.
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    Good job, Vman.

    I don't hate you anymore now.

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    My pleasure.

    Gee, I didn't realize it had escalated to hatred. :D

    <Hatchet Buried>
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    Nah, I was just kiddin'. I only hate like 6 people here. No big deal. :whip:

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    thanks for the info
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    And I'm 3 of them... :D
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    Thanks for the recap VMan.

    I do seem to remember Rack and yourself having a few good discussions at another board a couple of years back.:)
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    Actually you aren't on my ignore list so you aren't one of the hated. :cool:
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    I could name 1 guy I absolutely can't stand here.
    I mean, every single post this guy writes makes me clench my fists.
    He is truly a moron.

    I won't name any names but he doesn't post here all that often (thank God) so that should eliminate the majority of people you might think I'm referring to.

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