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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimmy4713, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I really like the way Nolan looked on the sidelines in the suit he wore last weekend. It is disgraceful the way that Belichick looks in his homely attire, and to a degree our coach with his need for a bro or manzere. Nothing was more stoic and generated more pride than Landry in his Sunday best. I hope this trends spills over to other coches, BP included, and the jumpsuits become a thing off the past. Put on a tie for Thanksgiving, Coach!

    Happy Thanksgiving, BTW. I am working in Australia so no turkey for me. :(
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    I love Australia.

    Take it from me, do NOT try vegemite. If someone offers it to you look for a cop and accuse them of attempted murder.

    I highly recommend you try a milk additive drink called Milo. The best stuff ever.

    Enjoy the weather, you went at the right time of year.
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    Been there myself including but not limited to Sidney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Greatest people in the world live down under.
  4. Hostile

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    I love the accent when the ladies say hello. Dated a gorgeous girl from there. I think I loved her accent more than i ever loved her. Well, that and looking at her, etc.


    Did anyone get you to try vegemite? Can you back me up on that being a bad idea?
  5. cowboyed

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    The vegemite sandwiches are for real. Saw them on the menu but was forewarned they were an acquired taste. Here you go, thou art more than vindicated.


    [FONT=arial, helvetica]Vegemite – Concentrated Yeast Extract Par Aussielence !
    This Australian icon first made its appearance greater than 75 years ago (in 1922) when a young chemist named Dr Cyril Callister at the Fred Walker Cheese Company (now part of The Kraft Group) developed a remarkable new spread from brewer's yeast. It was not until 1923 when Vegemite first graced grocers' shelves after the name "Vegemite" was coined after a naming competition. Back then, it was described as "delicious on sandwiches and toast. Improves the flavour of soups, stews and gravies". However, its appealing flavour and nutritional qualities did not immediately catch on with the locals, despite having one of the world's richest known sources of Vitamin B. The British Medical Association prior to the Second World War even endorsed the product in its Medical Journal stressing its rich Vitamin B properties. Some time later, even infant welfare centres were recommending Vegemite to babies for their source of Vitamins B1, B2 and Niacin of Vegemite had in spades. Despite this, initial sales were slow.
    [​IMG] Vegemite Sandwich ... real true-blue Aussie food...

    Did you know that Vegemite was once renamed to "Parwill" ?
    Vegemite was renamed Parwill in 1928 in order to stimulate demand but this strategy was flawed. It was an attempt to emulate the success of the English "Marmite" spread of which Vegemite resembles. Australians who grew up with Vegemite generally loved its taste but to others, it was an acquired taste. It is not too dissimilar to Marmite except it is saltier and should be applied sparingly on sandwiches and bread rolls.

    VEGEMITE is now 80 years old !
    Today as Vegemite approaches its 80th birthday, its advertising campaign returns to its 1954 trademark jingle "Happy Little Vegemites". This was a catchy tune that caught Aussie imagination like no other, it was a song for the times, a song for healthy children in a "Lucky Country".

    A major landmark occurred in 1991 when a Vegemite Exhibition was staged at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. This display featured original jars and promotional material dating all the way back to Vegemite's birth in 1922. Interestingly, the majority of the early jars used in the Exhibition came from consumers following a national search for the historical Vegemite memorabilia. This demonstrates the extent of Vegemite’s reach into the hearts and homes of most Australians.


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Come on Hos.... you know you love the Vegemite Sandwich... you know the one from the "Men at Work" video

  7. Derinyar

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    Vegemite is a menace. I swear you can smell the stuff across the room, and its not a good smell. There are worse things out there that are considered comestables, but none of them that are prepackaged come to mind at the moment.
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    I can confirm that vegimite is not the tastiest treat in th world. On the other hand, when it Rome... You might want to try it just to see for yourself.

    In terms of the the original topic....let the big man be comfortable. He almost died on the sidelines earlier this year because he didn't want to take off his coat. He should come out in a speedo and apply more clothing as needed during the game :)
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    If you like the smell of a dead dog's arse and the taste of salty old feces it will definitely be a mouth watering delectable eating experience for you. Then, of course I also would expect you to indulge in yeast infection casserole and imbibe in a green snot appertif.
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    They tried to force that sinister spread on me some time ago. Gross is an understatemnt. Funny, you can't get a cup of coffee here. Seriously. All espresso drinks. Been here since off and on since August and just love it. The sheilas are a bonus. :)
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    thats ****ing foul
  12. Billy Bullocks

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    Parcells needs to go back to teh sweaters he wore in NY.
  13. cowboyed

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    aw come on stag hunter, admit it is wetting your appetite.
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    they have vegemite here I saw it in an albertson's the other day. I was tempted to pic it up just to feed to unsuspecting guests. I dated an australian chick for a few years back in college, she was a good time, but I wouldn't kiss her till she brushed her teeth after she ate that garbage. it is NARSTY
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    Since this turned into an Australia thread.

    I was there this past September. I hated it, sadly to say. The flight wasn't that bad, but once we landed we were there for 4 days and it rained the whole time. What luck? Everyone there couldn't believe how windy and rainy it was.

    But, on a plus side. Drinking is a must there. There seem's to be a pub every 20 steps. The women are all pretty slim and very nice.

    Very nice area.

    Here is one quick photo from the outside on the roof of our hotel.


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