Parcells vs. Landry vs. Johnson

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by fortdick, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Fortdick you just aren't listening to my 'burning' logic here! :p:

    If you remember, Landry's early teams had a particular term applied to them....


    Not exactly a great intangible! Of course that changed as time went on.(Make no mistake, I loved Tom Landry and was furious with Jerry's handling of that whole situation)

    Developing players: If Parcells wins a SB this year, who will have done better Jimmy or Parcells? While I concede BP has not won anything here, I believe our talent level was just as bad as Jimmy faced and the re-building environment much harder to deal with. You said yourself that BP has not has a "Walker" trade to work with.
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    If I was, you'd be giggling like a school girl
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    While your logic is "burning", it must be doused with a bucket of realism. :eek:

    This is Parcell's fourth year. JJ won a superbowl in his fourth. For Parcells to be credited with being a better player developer, he has to meet of surpass JJ's record. Right now, JJ has the lead. If the Boys win a SB this year, Parcells will be my hero! Until then, he is just steam off a doused campfire.
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    Well that's one way to tell me I'm "all wet." :)

    I concede the SB point. Ultimately BP must be judged by wins and player development that doesn't lead to wins doesn't mean much.

    However, how many number one overall draft choices has Parcells gotten in his tenure with the Cowboys? If I recall correctly, the Cowboys also operated with a real advantage in drafting for the Johnson years because they had exclusive access to the 'draft value' chart. My point here is that Johnson had some real advantages over Parcells.

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    Thats AMAZING. Jimmy lags way behind? for GETTING IT DONE!?? Jimmy 2 SB's in 5 years. Landry 2 SB's in 29 years. I dont get it. What does Miami have to do with it. He had one-step-bang Marino. NO ONE won with him.
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    I would pick Jimmy if I was ever to chose a coach from those three, his impact was imediate and to such an intense level - failure was not an option for him. Then it would be Tom. Bill is great and all but imo not even in the same ballpark as those two legends. Fact in point, Parcells, has never built a true dynasty, those other two are responsible for 2 of only a handful of dynastys to ever grace this sport. Though, and against popular belief, I believe Parcells is the closest he's ever been to doing that in his career, here in Dallas with us. That's why I don't believe for one second that his retirement is anywhere close. Face it, the guy knows this "dynasty" thing is and will remain the one knock against his career if he was to go out now...or even go out with just 1 super bowl with us. He needs domination to go out like a God. He wants to stand equal in Dallas with the two forementioned greats. Bill Parcells is so far from being done it's not even funny. And if he's still here in 3 years like I predict, it certainly will be funny to see how many of yall will say you knew it would happen all along. I'm the only one at the moment, remember it, lol.
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    Great point, I have said that in the past also...

    One of the reason I look in that direction for our next HC...Although having Jeff Ireland on board will also help.
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    Again, tell that to Miami, where he didn't build much of anything.
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    Good response Speedy. You said what I was thinking but could not put into words. Thanks!

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    I would switch Landry and Johnson on these two.

    I think motivating players was a strong point of Johnson's but not necessarily of Landry's. In fact I would rank him last among the 3 in that area.

    I would also argue that Johnson did a terrible job of developing players when compared with Landry. Jimmy had the advantage of FA whereas Landry used the draft much more to build his team.

    Most of the better players on our early 90s teams were either stars coming out of college (Aikman, Emmitt, Maryland, etc.), were FAs brought in (Novacek, Haley, Casillas, etc.), or were already on the team (Newton, Gogan, Irvin, etc.). There really weren't many players that Jimmy brought in and developed, partly because he didn't stay long enough and partly because he drafted well overall and did a good job of bringing in talent (I give him the highest grade in talent evaluation of the 3).

    If Jimmy would have stayed longer than a few years then he might get a better grade from me on this but we'll never know.
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    To me Jimmy was overall better, cause he won more in a shorter span of time, plus he picked the players and believed in athleticism as his number one priority.
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    In that order.

    Until Parcells wins 2 Super Bowls with the Cowboys...He can never move ahead of the other two...On Anything.
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    I'd rate Parcells best in this category. Neither Landry nor Jimmy had an assistant with the skills of Belichick.

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    Belichick does have three rings, but Dan Reeves and Mike Ditka weren't too bad themselves.
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    Also folks, lets not give Tom Landry credit for things Gil Brandt and Tex Schramm did. All of that scouting and drafting that built them dynasties should be attributed to them. Given, you have to have a guy who can put it all together (Landry), but those guys were wizards.

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