Parcells yelling at Glenn

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Looked like Bill was yelling at Terry on the sideline when Glenn ran a route just short of the 1st down marker. Goes to show that Bill is never satisfied. Nor should he. Glenn had a great game and still fortunatley has some room to improve. I think that is representative of the entire team. A great team performance, yet the exicting part is that they may be able to play and coach better. Nothing like a win to bring on some optimism.
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    It looked to me that he was yelling at him for signalling Bledsoe out of the original play. He raised his hand and Drew went his way and he was short of the first down.
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    Wish Glenn woulda made that catch in the 3rd(?), the one where it bounces right off his hands, woulda been his third TD.
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    That was hilarious, and I couldn't help but reflect how far Terry has come from the days when you felt that kind of verbal beating on the sidelines from Bill would put him into his shell for weeks.

    Now it's like "Oh oh, I'm catching it again, better make it up somehow".

    It's funny to watch how different players "take it"...most, like T yesterady, kind of walk around without walking away, and alternate between looking at the ground and trying to interject a few words of explanation. Some like Vinny, just look abashed and stand straight at attention, but try to explain too. Some (like Dedric Ward) literally run away from it. Some like Key, turn into ten year old boys. Most rookies are glued to Bill's eyes like toads frozen by snake's glare. Poor TT, lol.

    And others, vets with a lot of chutzpah and a wild man but still laid-back personality, actually smile. Jumbo Elliot sometimes could not help but break out laughing. Then Bill would have to fight off a smile too.

    I haven't seen that here yet, but based on Petitti's avowed desire to spend time on a deserted island with Bill, he's a good candidate.

    What a wonderful experience it must be to get told off by Bill Parcells on a sidelines.

    I'd pay big bucks for that one. :)

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