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    Wanted to mention that the Cowboys win Monday nite moved Parcells into 9th place in the list of top 10 winningest coaches in NFL. Parcells moved ahead of Paul Brown. Sometime next year if Cowboys play well, Parcells could move into 8th place.
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    Do you have the complete list with # of victories? I could google it but I'm too lazy. :D
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    That's interesting info, Sago....and Bill is probably as proud about his well deserved place in 'history' as anyone else is.

    I kinda wonder tho, how for Bill, moving up to the ninth spot on an all-time win list compares with Roy's remarks last night that 'we love Coach Parcells and we will always have his back"
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    given his comments about the pleasure he derives from looking at the faces on his "kids" after a big win...and last night's comment "I have those guys in there"...I'm gonna assume Roys comment meant the world to him.
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    I agree Juke.. some of Bill's critics have said he is very jealous, even zealous about 'his place' in NFL history. There was a story floating around a few years back after he was nominated then not chosen as a finalist for the HOF, that he had some sort of vendetta against the 'writer' who was most vocal in opposotion - Rich Cimini - who rightly assumed Bill would be returning to coach again, and any HOF induction was premature.

    True or not, it's been said often enough Bill 'cares' about his legend very much.

    All I know is anytime he has ever talked about what football means to him, and to his players, it has not been about records, or wins or honors, but about those moments of comradery and celebration that come with wins. The memories, he claims, that are the most rewarding aspect of coaching, are about the players' jubilation and satisfaction with a job well done.

    I think he will treasure Roy's remarks too.
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    Hey...I'm sure his ego is quite has to be in order for him, or any coach to last this long.

    But the proof of what he values is demonstrated by the players who follow him around. There is a real bond between Parcells and his players that only people how know that they can count on eachother in the foxhole have.

    A number of years ago, I decided to go and visit an elementary school teacher I had. She was the only teacher I ever went back to visit.

    When I found out, as a kid, that she was going to be my teacher, I FREAKED. She had a reputation for being tough as nails. And she was.

    She once turned my desk over because it was messy.

    She once made an entire class of kids laugh at me though a demonstration I was giving because I had laughed during someone else's...etc etc.

    Yet, she had more of a positive influence on me than any other teacher I ever had. She simply wanted me to achieve my potential...she cared that much.

    I see Parcells the same way.
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    Nice post, Juke!
    Ahh, so you were THAT kid. :laugh2:

    But if she had been Parcells, she'd have given you a cute little pet name to go along with your public shame. Something that would have stuck.

    Maybe Winicki could give you one now.
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    The desk turning was pretty stuff went flying all over the room.

    The laughing classroom worked like a charm...I am a very attentive audience these days.

    She also made me wash the entire inside of a school bus...the big yellow one, not the short one, which you might expect was the one that took me to school. :D

    Point is, I'd still go back and visit her today.

    And btw, yeah, any new nickname from Winicki would be welcomed....I'm getting tired of him calling me "snuggle bunny"
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    That comment by Roy was huge and well deserved......I bet 99.9% of our locker room players feel the same way......and the .1% who don't can visit T.O.!

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