Parent busts bad teachers at his son's school

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MonsterD, Apr 24, 2012.

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    His boy is 10 and has autism, and he put a mic on his son one day to try to figure out what was going on.

    His response video:


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    That's a good father right there. :starspin
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    If I were in the father's shoes I would be in jail for going all Jimmy Super Fly Snuka on their buttocks.
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    That is heart breaking. I could not imagine what I would do if that happened to my children.
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    This stuff goes on all of the time. It happened to me when I was in high school. Basically most of the teachers where there because they were afraid of working in the real world where they didn't have power over others and wanted summers off (of course, they would complain about their salaries despite not working during the summer).

    The problem is that once a teacher gets tenure, anything outside of having sex or molesting a student will go unpunished. The bad teachers know this and use it to their advantage.

    It did teach me how to defend myself because even as a teenager, you don't quite understand that when you're dealing in a situation like that, you had better have detailed examples of the crap that a teacher pulls because nobody is going to believe you.

    I could go on and on. I used to think 'well, someday you will look back and realize how much of a little pain in the neck you were.' But, I just look back now and think that if somebody pulled that stuff to my child, I would go ballistic. I still have a negative reaction when somebody tells me that they are a high school teacher, even though I know that not every teacher is a bad person.

    I look back now and I think my parents just didn't believe me because it did come off as incredible. I never had a problem with bullying from students. Probably was in about 4 fist fights in total with other students. But, it was the bullying from the teachers that made high school a living hell for me. There's a lot of reasons why I feel sorry for this parent, but I really felt for him because he simply could not fathom that this stuff goes on. It does and the country really needs to wake up on putting every teacher on a pedastal.

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    Shut your mouth!
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    Or at best get swept under a rug. My oldest daughter had a horrible History Teacher. The first day of class he asked the students if they considered themselves Liberal or Conservative. Any student who answered opposite of his political views was failed.

    My daughter worked 6 hours on a project for that class one time. She stayed up until like 2 in the morning working on it. When she got her paper back she let me see his comments. One of them was that she was getting no grade and this was why. "The scant amount of time you took on this shows me you didn't care about the project."

    I took that paper, the assignment and some of his other commentary and some e-mails between he and I to the Principle and the department head.

    He's still teaching and kids who say they are the opposite political party are still failing.

    When my daughter went to Summer School to make up that class, one of this teacher's fellow faculty asked how many in the Summer School class were from Mr. Johnson's class and considered themselves of the opposite political party. 20 to 25 kids raised their hands.

    My daughter got an A in the Summer School class and an F in his.

    How is that teaching?

    Most galling to me, when I met with the Principle and Department Head they assured me my complaint was not the first against this teacher and his methods. So why is he still employed?

    Oh, and my youngest is now in that school. If she is assigned to his class I will have her removed immediately. She has a goal to be her class Valedictorian and I will not risk him being the reason she doesn't meet her goal.
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    Lawsuit time.
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    I can ...... I would blow a couple of thousand on bail money.
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    Is this seriously going to turn into a teacher bashing thread?

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    why not? They have it coming.
  12. Hostile

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    I had mostly great teachers. Only 3 I ever considered bad. One because he didn't teach me anything. Another because he was too stubborn to listen. And the last because he wasn't qualified to do his job. 75% of the students in his class dropped it at the semester change. Most of my teachers had great, positive affects on my life.

    EDIT...4. I briefly had a 1st grade teacher who was an alcoholic and got fired for coming to school loaded.
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    bingo. everybody remembers terrible teachers and great teachers, most have had more terrible than great with the rest(and vast majority) being merely adequate.

    I had a history teacher in tenth grade that was awesome, his class was really tough but he made learning fun and easy to get into, I made a 100 but trust me it wasn't a blow off class.

    I had a math teacher in 7th grade that was horrible, I switched schools between 6th and 7th and took AP classes but I was behind from the jump because they started at material I hadn't learned previously, I was moved down to regular and was so behind I stayed after for tutoring, 7th was geometry and throughout the year the Pythagorean theorem was used all year, I never learned it because when I asked her what it was after being in her class 2 weeks she rolled her eyes and said 'you can't be serious, if you don't know by now you never will'. I almost never talked or spoke in her class but one day there were just a few opportunities for funny comments from some things that others said(I'm a smart ***) and I spoke out twice and she dragged me in the hall and told me that no body in the class likes me, I'm not funny, I am not the class clown, I'm a pimple face loser who is failing and that they weren't laughing with me they were laughing at me

    I have a lot more stories like the second one and not many like the first one
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    As the father of an autistic child I can tell you this happens quite often. Generally the teachers are great but sometimes you get one who isn't trained properly or they just don't care.

    One experience we had was when my son was in 7th grade. He was in special needs classes but at a regular school. There was an incident in the school lunch room where one of the bullies of the school was picking on him. He walked up behind him and smacked him in the back of the head. HE then reached around and took his bag which had his lunch in it. Kris, my son, tried to grab the bag and jumped up from his chair. In doing so he fell into the bully. The bully pushed Kris to the floor and kicked him. The teacher in the lunch room grabbed Kris and took him to the office. The other boy wasn't punished. When the teacher got him to the office, she was screaming at him for causing a problem in the lunch room. She told him he would never be allowed to eat lunch there again. Now, Kris is autistic and he didn't know she couldn't do that. He started to cry and she did the same thing the bully did. Smack him on the head and told him to "Grow up".

    What the teacher didn't know was that one of my business partners wife was in the office right next to this and could see and hear everything that was going on. When Kris stopped crying and got under control, the teacher told him not to bring lunch anymore because he would be allowed to have it.

    When we were told about this we went straight to the teacher and confronted her. She denied the whole thing. Until we told her we had witnesses. She again didn't believe us but told her we were going to the school board.

    I made a call to a member of the school board about this and she made a phone call. The teacher was "Reassigned" to another school in the district not dealing with any special needs kids.

    To this day, I always get upset when I see something like this. These people feel they need to exert some power over someone so they prey on the weakest of our society. I wish the teacher would have been fired outright but knowing she was disciplined was sufficient at the time.
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    Shows you how powerful the teachers are and the NJEA in Jersey.
  16. rkell87

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    with some of the teacher unions out there it is nearly impossible to get a teacher fired for anything other than sexual conduct

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    Not with me! I can't believe what I'm reading here. Yeah there are bad teachers out there, just like there are bad doctors, mechanics, and priests. To say that teachers only teach beacuse they can't work in the real world and want summers off is one of the more ignorant statements I've ever heard on this forum, and that's saying alot.
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    I don't think so.

    I'm not looking for pity by any means. But, I do hear all of the time how teachers are underpaid and they are treated like martyrs. However, their hourly pay rates are actually quite high. They just don't make a lot of money because they don't work summers.

    And the reality is that most teachers become teachers because...they want to have the summers off. I can't tell you how many friends and associates of mine who became high school teachers who told me that.

    And I'm all for teachers being paid more like doctors and lawyers do. But, they should go thru a much more rigorous process of education, training and evaluation like doctors and lawyers often do.

    All I really care about is that I feel awful for everybody involved in this story because this is not a rare case. It happens all of the time and it happens with kids who don't have a handicap as well. In Hostile's case, it's just a teacher being a petty, jerk and who is delusional about their political beliefs. In my case, it was much like this child with autism case. Just outright bullying of a kid and then the teacher would either use the response that they elicited to use as evidence to punish me or they would just flat out lie and use that to punish me.

    And when the teachers were being supervised, they made sure to be on their best behavior. But once the supervision was gone, it was business as usual. And then the teachers would say 'well, he only behaved because the supervisor was there.'

    I'm not saying that every teacher was bad. Hell, I had some great teachers. But in my experience the bad far outweighed the good. It wasn't even close. And it's not to say that a parent should condemn a teacher at the drop of a hat and always stick up for their child. It's just that you have to treat what the teacher says with a skeptical eye just like you should treat what your child says with a skeptical eye and try to find out the truth because you never know what is really going on.

  19. Yakuza Rich

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    You may think it's ignorant, but it's the truth. I have probably had over 50 people I know who became teachers who told me that they wanted to become teachers in part because they got summers off and they didn't want to work in the corporate world and they didn't want to be a public servant (i.e. cop or firefighter or state worker).

    Of course, not all are like that. One of my good friends is a school teacher and I believe that really is his life calling because I've known him since I was 9 years old and he really just has the aptitude and personality for it. He's also the guy that everybody calls their 'favorite teacher.' But, to act obtuse that teachers don't want to become teachers to have summers off and to not work in a world where they are in control is beyond the definition of ignorant because I've had too many people tell me this point blank.

    I don't look down upon those who want summers off, just don't complain to me about not making enough money. Find work during the summer like the rest of the world.

  20. Dallas

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    You do know teachers do not change my brake pads nor do they treat any chronic headaches I might have? The comparisson is pretty funny actually.

    They teach my children and the standard they are held against shouldn't be higher than the highest.

    So no, I do not agree w/ your statement at all.

    As folks ALREADY have said, there are good and bad and I have no issues w/ folks filling us in on some bad times for them or the children.

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