Parents read lips of Georgia woman with flesh-eating bacteria after zip-line accident

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    Been following this since last week, this girl is literally being eaten alive and it's disturbing. What torture, from a simple cut to this nightmare.

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    She has now lost a leg, the other leg's foot, both hands due to it. It's a terrible little bacteria that is common in rivers and lakes. They say it needs the right mixture(or terribly wrong mixture I should say) of events for something like this to happen. She fell and had a very large gash in her leg, the bacteria was in the water and able to get deep inside due to the large wound and that's where it went wild inside of her.

    They say it's very difficult to treat because it's hard to know exactly where the bacteria is to eliminate it.

    I hope they can do something quick so this poor girl doesn't have to have anything more happen!
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    Yeah this is just horrible.

    And she already did have something more happen. She suffered cardiac arrest after the high-hip amputation of the leg, I think...
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    What most surprises me is her attitude of looking forward to life with what she'll be left with. I can't say for sure I'd be that strong under those conditions.
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    This is particularly tragic, not only for what it is doing to this young woman but doubly so because the entire episode was completely avoidable if they had known to treat the wound by soaking it in garlic water soon after the injury because the garlic water would have killed all the bacteria when the wound was fresh and it would not have progressed but would simply have healed over and she would be recovering from a minor injury right now on her way to resume living a normal life. The problem is people just don't know about garlic water and if you try to tell them about it they look at you like you are some kind of nut.

    Another thing that leads to necrotizing fascitis is MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) and I have been posting on a MRSA patients support forum for two and a half years now and a couple of dozen people have posted that they tried the garlic water treatment and it cleared up their MRSA completely. Not everyone who is cured comes back to post about as their problem has been solved.

    Unfortunately the FDA refuses to approve it as an acceptable protocol because the pharmaceutical manufacturers see it as a formidable threat to their massive profits and they keep shooting it down. Therefore, it has become something people must learn about on their own and employ at their own risk. So far a couple dozen people have reported success but no one has been hurt by it. MRSA has made the health treatment business billions of dollars every year and hundreds of thousands have died from it yet no one has died from garlic.

    Even the most resistant bacteria are killed by direct contact with the allicin in crushed raw non-irradiated garlic and no bacteria can become resistant to it because it kills bacteria in a more direct way than antibiotics. Big Pharma refuses to study it because they don't want to lose profits. Big Pharma basically controls the FDA. Patients who do not learn about using garlic water continue to suffer at great expense and die.

    I'm not a doctor and I cannot advise patients, all I can do is continue to educate people about garlic and how using it in different ways causes different results and hope more people see it and act on their own to save themselves. You would be amazed at the grateful emails I receive from people who have summoned the courage to think outside the box and try something that seems implausible but that works better than anything else to cure a horrible disease.

    These days people just have to educate themselves and act in their own best interest just as those in the medical professions do. If one goes to a surgeon he/she will recommend surgery, if one goes to an internal medicine doctor that one will recommend medicine, if one goes to a radiologist, that one will recommend radiology. Everybody supports their particular specialty, no one looks out for what is best for the patient so patients have to educate themselves so they can look out for themselves from a more informed perspective.

    Health care has gone corporate and is all about the money and patients just have to look out for themselves. If you don't believe me, read Dr. Mercola. He isn't right in everything he does but at least he stimulates discussions that not only make people think but informs them as well.

    First, do no harm.
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    The garlic was the first thing I thought of when I started reading this thread. I have read your comments regarding the therapeutic uses of garlic in other threads and it really is a shame that it is not recognized.
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    It's hard to think about, but I imagine when the alternative is death, it changes your outlook. I have a friend who went to the doctor with pneumonia, and within hours was in ICU in a coma with septic shock. He was nearly dead for about four days, started coming back against all odds, but is still likely to lose both legs below the knee, and all fingers. And his attitude is "I'll deal with whatever I have to, just let me live."

    Sobering to watch. But, he has a wife and three young kids.
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    That's horrible news. I always figure with my wife and child in mind, I'll choose to hang on, but I don't really know how I'd act and feel and hopefully I'll never be put in that position. I'm sorry about your friend. Prayers for him and his family.
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    We're growing a goodly portion of garlic in our community garden. It should be ready to harvest soon. Do you crush the garlic and just mix it with water? Any idea of ratio of garlic to water?
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    There's actually no pat answer because there are so many variables. Every different variety or even cultivar of garlic has its own characteristic taste and some are mild, some are medium and some are hot to very hot. It also matters how long the garlic has been out of the ground. Garlic is mildest just after harvest and as it slowly dries out, it reduces in size and weight and increasers in flavor or taste and pungency. Properly grown garlic stored at cool room temp and out of sunlight can store from 5 to 10 or more months or more and most gets stronger and hotter with age so the older it is the less you need to use. A hot garlic may only need 2 or 3 medium size cloves but a milder one may need twice that much or more.

    It doesn't necessarily take a lot because allicin is still a potent germ killer even when diluted 100,000 to 1. You crush the garlic and let it set in air about 15 minutes to maximize the amount of allicin and then add it to water and every part of that water become strongly antimicrobial when thoroughly mixed. In theory adding it to water greatly increases its half-life but it also cause mercaptan to build up in the water and after about three days it gets so odorous it is hard to want to be around it so it is better to make small batches as needed or keep it only a couple of days. It is still a potent germ killer but it stinks so much nobody wants to be around it.

    Grocery store garlic usually doesn't work because most of it is from China and has been irradiated to keep it from sprouting and that also kills the enzyme, alliinase, thattriggers the chemical process that results in the formation of allicin and so it has no health benefits. You can tll id a garlic has been irradiated by tering a clove apart and looking for a small sprout and if it has one it is good garlic but if it has no sprout it has been irradiated and has no antimicrobial properties. You can also tell by taste as irradiated garlic is not hot to the taste when shewed raw.

    Hope this helps.
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    Helps a lot! Thanks,Bob.

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