Part 2: How to fix Dallas Cowboys

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    Part 2: How to fix Dallas Cowboys

    1. Jason Garrett goes into Jerry Jones office next week, tell Jerry, look you & I get along pretty good, we
    Know each other well. I am in my last year of my contract, either I make this work, or you won’t resign

    Me after this year. So, why not let me do it my way, let me choose coaches that I want. Let me bring in

    Norv Turner as Offensive coordinator. You can let Bill Callihan go, or keep him as our OL coach and assistant

    Coach for offense but Norv calls the plays, I trust him. Bring in Leslie Frazier, or Ray Horton or Todd

    Grantham as defensive line assistant. As Jason Garrett is headed out the door, Jerry Jones says ok, one

    Thing, run the blankety blank football, (which is something Norv Turner did with Cowboys when he was


    1. Restructure these contracts below: Hopefully, we can get about 5 million back from the Jay Ratliff issue,
    Because Jay said he couldn’t play till 2014, but Jay played in about 4 games and Jay had at least 7-9

    Tackles, and a sack. So, Jay to me, violated his contract, does anyone know or heard what happened

    On this issue, where Cowboys maybe are appealing with NFL to get money back & not have to pay

    Jay Ratliff 6 – 7 million dollars in dead cap money this year? There was an article written up where Jay

    Said he couldn’t play this year, even his agent said he couldn’t play, and they told the Cowboys that, as

    Soon as Dallas Cowboys released Jay, the very next day, Jay gets clearance from a doctor that he could

    Play, but his other doctor told Cowboys he couldn’t play last year in 2013.

    The deal or what you want to do is clear up 55 million, which the cowboys cap

    At 145 million now, 29.5 million over the cap. Which would leave about 26 million, the Cowboys need to

    Clear up at least 22 to 24 million. The Cowboys then need to get at least 2 super players, that have been

    On superbowl teams, that are leaders. Example, the Cowboys got Mike Dikta and Herb Adderly in 1969

    And 1970, these players showed Cowboys players what it took to win championships. This was done in

    Mid 70s when Cowboys signed TE Jackie Smith, who showed Cowboys they weren’t playing like a team

    But playing off of past, sure cowboys lost the superbowl but they went that year to. In 92, the Cowboys

    Traded for Charles Haley and Thomas Everett, along with Tony Casillas, boom, 3 championships for

    Cowboys. The great QB Troy Aikman said it best, we didn’t know what it really took, to win championships

    Till Haley got here, you have to have a swager, grit, this is my house, your not going to disrespect it. Parcells

    Changed the thinking to, when he brought in Keyshawn Johnson, Marco Riveria, Jason Ferguson, and Terry

    Glenn. The attitude in Dallas changed, along with a player like Marc Columbo who was mean and nasty on

    OL. We saw that attitude change on OL when Cowboys signed Brian Waters. Now, the Cowboys need at

    Least 2 key players that are championship type players to show current Cowboys players what it takes.

    Brandon Carr



    5 yr





    Barry Church



    5 yr





    Tony Romo



    7 yr





    DeMarcus Ware



    7 yr





    Miles Austin



    7 yr





    Jason Witten



    7 yr





    Sean Lee



    6 yr





    Morris Claiborne



    4 yr





    Mackenzy Bernadeau



    4 yr





    Anthony Spencer



    1 yr





    Phil Costa



    2 yr





    Justin Durant



    2 yr





    Kyle Orton



    3 yr





    Step 3, this is critical: When teams lose their head coach, and fire most of their current coaching staff,

    There are players on that team, that get overlooked, and can help your team. Example, in 1975, the

    Cowboys picked up former rb Preston Pearson, who was great for the Cowboys. The Cowboys did

    This also in 1990, from a poorly coached team, and Ray Horton, who solidified the secondary, from a

    Poor coached team with the Bengals. Keep in mind above, where I mentioned Ray Horton in another

    Paragraph. With 24 million extra money for cap, at least 3.5 for draft, 3 for emergency or so, that should

    Leave at least 15 to 18 million, to resign what players we need, or get some good free agents but we must

    Have at least 2 key players that are championship type players, have what you call the superbowl swager

    And attitude.

    Step 4, Jerry Jones must give alittle more control to the coaches, to do what they know, while at same

    Time giving Jerry Jones credit for giving them permission to get the Cowboys back to winning ways &

    Championships. That’s what Jerry Jones wants, to be given notice and credit. Promote Will McClay, who

    Is doing a good job, he is main guy from what I heard that has helped the Cowboys find key players last year

    To replace players that were hurt.

    Step 5.

    We all know about the injury bug last year, with hamstrings, groins, etc…. Best I remember the Cowboys had

    A similar issue in 2010, with nagging injuries, one coach best I remember who had been sick, was let go. Yet,

    Here are the cowboys again, with nagging hamstring issues. Best I remember, there are 2 sports events that have

    Found success on hamstring issues, which have helped, maybe the Cowboys need to look into this, or look

    At their past trainers, conditioners for the players and our strength coach Mike Woicik, something is working. I know that Bill Parcells would check in with the

    strength coach, to see who was working out and who wasn’t, if you all remember in 2010 word was leaking out

    that some players were offering trainers money not to work out, etc, or be in shape. Not sure if trainers accepted

    the payment or whatever, but red flags should be going off with Jason Garrett, Mike Woicik and Jerry Jones on

    conditioning training.

    Step 6, The Cowboys awhile back hired a very good analysts for down, distance, 3rd and 1, key plays to run,

    the Dallas Cowboys let that person go, maybe they need to rethink the analyst part, we all

    Saw how for whatever reason, on offense and defense, refusal to like blitz first part of the season on defense, refusal

    To run, that needs to be addressed and looked at big time. Whether it was play calling done wrong by Bill Callihan or

    Jason Garrett, or Monte Kiffin, that needs to be looked at and revaluated big time, don’t sweep it under the rug, or

    Be stubborn, that your going to pass, pass no matter what, or your going to leave your defense out to dry, and not

    Give your cbs help by blitzing, when you know your defensive linemen are hurt.

    Step 7, For whatever reason, we drafted pretty good last year, so whoever was responsible the same person needs

    To keep that up, whoever was in charge. But we need also someone that is a Jimmy Johnson type horse trader, for

    Example when we traded down to the 31st pick with the 49ers I believe, all we got was a 3rd round pick, yet, 49ers

    Made a few other trades similar to what we did, and they got more. We need to get value for trading down, if we do

    So again, in the 2014 draft. We all know and have read where the Lions laughed at us, and at Jerry Jones, when they

    Said, you could have gotten Roy Williams WR for a 2nd round pick, but Jerry gave up 3 top round picks. For gosh

    Sakes, Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson made the value trade value chart, use it, its not outdated. All, NFL teams use

    It,, fix it Jerry Jones. Do all of this Jerry Jones, you will get credit, for getting the Cowboys back to championships.
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    Not bad but if Garrett had his way I suspect he would completely take back all aspects of the offense meaning no Turner hire.
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    I tried to edit this, but didn't have enough time to edit said over 5 minutes to edit, for some strange reason was doing double lines, but I didn't have double lines on word
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    Well done, enjoyed the commentary

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